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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-09 09:04:00

Bobby Fish underwent ACL surgery yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama.  The estimate is 5-6 months out of the ring, which obviously, really sucks.

There's been back and forth on whether Undisputed Era have been stripped of the NXT Tag Team titles or not.  Initially, we were told they would be stripped.  However, nothing on the TV taping this past Wednesday indicated that.  It may be something was taped behind the scenes, a plan changed or our initial sources were incorrect.  I am working to confirm and will update once I know.  If you want to know Era's role going into the Takeover: New Orleans event, we have spoilers on the main page of the site.

EC3 made his official WWE NXT in-ring debut last night on a live event in Dade City, Florida, beating Kassius Ohno.  He will be on NXT TV shortly.

The Ricochet vs. Dijak match at the NXT TV taping earlier this week was a dark match designed to send the crowd home happy with a Ricochet win.

Ronda Rousey was backstage at the NXT taping this past Wednesday

We noted last night that there were two releases from the developmental system in Abby Laith and Sage Beckett.  Laith never seemed to find her groove once arriving in NXT and hadn’t been featured on TV in a long, long time.  Beckett, who in another life was Rossie Lottalove in TNA, had a great look but wasn’t on TV regularly, if ever.   Neither had been utilized in any great extent since the Mae Young Classic.  We are told it was just a case of talent being cut as opposed to heat on them.  The developmental system almost has too much talent and with so many others knocking on the door, something had to give.  WWE is now in a position where if they feel someone isn't showing upward mobility for a period of time, those talents have to go.  I would expect each of them back on the independent scene.  Laith was Kimber Lee in CHIKARA and there's a ready made storyline for her return already.  Prior to being signed, Beckett had been working for WWN, so my guess is she will end up there initially.

After being released, Laith took to Twitter and posted:

Also released yesterday was Gu Guangming, who was one of the Chinese recruits hired in 2016.  The former boxer had been used under the name Ming as a second to Kona Reeves but never made it to TV.  Thanks to Casey Michael of Squared Circle Sirens.

Former Seattle Seahawk Demitrius Bronson, who has been training in the developmental system, is said to be out of action with a very bad concussion.

WWE NXT has a live event tonight in Citrus Springs, Florida tonight.  If anyone is attending, we are seeking live reports.

Scheduled for Wednesday's WWE NXT:

Dakota Kai vs. Lacey Evans. 
WWE UK champion Pete Dunne vs. Adam Cole.

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