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By Paul Jordan on 2018-03-08 10:52:00

John Cena did an interview with Sports Illustrated discussing the possibilities of Rob Gronkowski in the WWE, his relationship with Nickelodeon, Rey Mysteriohis role at Wrestlemania 34, connection with the younger fans, and not always being liked by the audience.

On what his role at Wrestlemania, Cena said, “I have never asked for a WrestleMania opponent,  If you look at what I’ve done in my WrestleMania entirety, from coming out at Safeco Field in a sweat suit rapping to two cardboard cutouts, to working with established superstars to working with rookies, to being fortunate enough to use the platform to ask a beautiful young lady to marry me . A lot of our performers get frustrated and ask, ‘What can you do for me?’ I just ask, ‘What can I do for you?’ They tell me, and I do it to the best of my ability. Even if it’s no one.” 

"What a great story it would be for me to miss and have to buy a ticket,” Cena continued. “The year doesn’t stop at WrestleMania, we do Raw the next night. Now imagine if this stalwart, this statue of the WWE now has to look inside himself and ask, ‘Do I still have it?’ after being left out of the biggest show of the year."   

While many believe that Vince McMahon would not leave one of the top stars off that card, John Cena did not seem so sure.

“Don’t put this past Vince,” cautioned Cena. “Vince is extremely smart, and the reason he is so successful is his ability to see beyond what is immediately in front of him. A two-year or a three-year play would be smart."

“I’ve got a ton of outside stuff going on,” reminded Cena. “And I am proudly waving the banner of the WWE. Everybody always asks, on movie sets and even at the Kids’ Choice Awards, ‘When are you leaving?’ I’m not. As long as my body holds up, I am WWE-proud all the time. With my schedule, it does mean I have to take breaks, because they don’t allow you to do both.  I’m fortunate enough to be in this spot right now, but it’s not like, ‘Thanks, WWE, for what you’ve done for me but deuces, I’m out and I’m never speaking to you again.’ All things considered, with everything coming out, I wouldn’t mind my contribution to WrestleMania this year being an absence. If that’s my role in the story, I’ll play it.”

On the possibility of capturing the 17th World Title victory this Sunday, John said, “Fastlane will be a special day if all goes well,” said Cena. “I know I’m not supposed to speak about this, but going from two names to one name would be a pretty cool piece of conversation.  I have all the respect in the world for Ric. We have a great rapport with each other, he was the first one to congratulate me when I won against AJ at the Rumble. It’s looming, but this is the time where it may indeed happen.”

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