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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-08 09:44:00

In an update from what we have previously reported, Tammy Sytch's parole has not yet been officially revoked in the State of Pennsylvania.  According to Carbon County court officials this morning, a motion was made to revoke her February 2017 parole in August 2017 due to numerous violations of the terms of her release.

After the motion was filed with the Court, Judge Joseph Matika ordered Sytch arrested on a bench warrant so she could return before him and face sentencing.  Authorities were unable to locate Sytch (as she was now living outside of the State) until she was arrested in New Jersey, where she was flagged as a fugitive of justice.

Although PWInsidercom had previously been told that Sytch would be extradited to Pennsylvania before facing her new charges in New Jersey, Carbon County Court officials stated this morning that she would remain in New Jersey and when her court cases in the Garden State are resolved, she would then be handed off to Pennsylvania authorities to face Judge Matika.

Sytch remains incarcerated in Monmouth County Correctional Facility in New Jersey.

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