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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-08 09:25:00

Impact Wrestling will announce matches and talent for their 4/6 Wrestlecon event, which has a Lucha Underground vs. Impact theme.

The Impact Wrestling TV taping dates in Orlando next month have changed as the promotion has dropped the last  TV taping date and will instead tape on 6/1 and 6/2 in Windsor, Ontario.   Impact Wrestling will now tape TV at Universal Studios from Monday 4/23 through Thursday 4/26.

The planned 7/15 date for Slammiversary will be moved as WWE has claimed that date for their Extreme Rules PPV.  Impact never officially announced the Slammiversary date publicly.  That event was tentatively set for Orlando as well.

Jim Cornette commented on the Eddie Edwards-Sami Callihan situation on his latest podcast:

There was some anger online regarding Callihan selling a t-shirt based off the Edwards injury.  Callihan has been playing up the idea, in character, that if anyone has an issue with what he did, they can approach him in person, but teased he would have the baseball bat (which now has to be part of his gimmick, I would think) with him.  Moose was the latest talent to knock Callihan for injuring Edwards.  Obviously, this is all storyline now, except for Cornette being all angry.

Impact's Twitch special this Friday 3/9 will feature:

*Impact champion Austin Aries vs. Kongo Kong vs. Matt Sydal.
*Knockouts champion Allie vs. KC Spinelli.
*Moose vs. Alberto el Patron.
*Eli Drake vs. Marcus Burke.
*Trevor Lee vs. Josh Alexander.
*Idris Abraham vs. Petey Williams vs. Phil Atlas vs. Brent Banks.
*Desi Hitsquad vs. Cody Deaner Jake Something.
*Braxton Sutter vs. Tyson Dux.

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