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By Mike Johnson & Steven Fernandes on 2018-03-08 09:03:00

The National Wrestling Alliance trademark was officially registered to Lightning One Inc., the company Billy Corgan owns that is handling everything related to the NWA since Corgan purchased it last year.

Since taking over the NWA, Corgan and NWA Vice President Dave Lagana have set out with building an audience for the brand and returning some credibility to the NWA championship with their Ten Pounds of Gold YouTube series, which has featured current champion Nick Aldis, former champion Tim Storm, Austin Idol, and Josephus, among others, meshing the history of the championship and strong characterizations while building to in-ring action. 

The current storyline features Aldis going on a "crusade", defending the belt 20 times over the next 60 days.  He is slated to defend against Tommy Dreamer at the 3/24 House of Hardcore event in Philadelphia.

As previously reported, Lightning One has also filed a copyright on The Dumont Network, the entity that once rivaled ABC and CBS as a national broadcast network and was the first channel to broadcast professional wrestling.  It stands to reason that will be used at some point to distribute the NWA online.


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