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By Steven Fernandes on 2018-03-08 08:59:00

UFC star Fabricio Werdum has backed off his claims that he would be meeting with WWE today in San Diego, a day after he told MMA Fighting that he would be meeting with WWE.

On his Twitter account, Werdum commented, "Hey guys to make it clear I spoke about maybe doing Lucha libre in México. Not WWE. I meant wwe style(pro wrestling) but I am a @ufc fighter and my focus 100% is fighting in the ufc and whatever decision I make after my fighting career @danawhite @Mickmaynard2 will be involved."

Yesterday, Werdum had spoken of wanting to be active in UFC and WWE at the same time, which other than Brock Lesnar, has never happened.

The MMAFighting article has removed all references to WWE, replacing it with the term "pro wrestling" and a note that Werdum had originally mentioned a meeting with WWE, mistakenly cited WWE instead of a Mexican lucha libre company. 

Werdum, 40, is a well decorated MMA fighter.  The Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist is a former UFC Heavyweight champion. 

There is no word who in the lucha libre world he would be meeting with.

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