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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-07 19:59:00

Following our report earlier this evening that WWE NXT would be adding a secondary championship, it was announced at the ongoing NXT TV taping in Florida by William Regal that the first ever NXT North American champion would be crowned at Takeover: New Orleans in a six way Ladder Match. has confirmed the bout will feature EC3, Killian Dane, Ricochet, Adam Cole, Lars Sullivan and The Velveteen Dream.

The championship would be the first recognized North American championship belt in WWE since 1979, when Ted DiBiase entered the WWWF billed as the North American champion.  Four months later, he lost the championship to Pat Patterson.  When Patterson was named the first Intercontinental champion, the North American title was dropped.  While other promotions, including Joe Pedicino's GWF and even the NWA in the late 1990s, had North American champions, the NXT championship will be the first one branded under the WWE name since the 1970s.

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