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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-07 18:15:00

As part of today's corporate filing announcing their 4/19 Stockholders Meeting in Stamford, CT, the following corporate salaries were released by the company.

WWE Chairman of the Board and CEO Vince McMahon - $1.4 million in 2017.  That number is expected to remain the same in 2018.

WWE Co-President George Barrios - $783,510 in 2017.  His salary for 2018 post-promotion will be $870,000.

WWE Co-President Michelle D. Wilson - $791,044 in 2017.  Her salary for 2018 post-promotion will be $870,000.

WWE Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative Paul "Triple H" Levesque - $650,000 in 2017.  His salary will raise to $684,000 in 2018.

WWE Executive Vice President, Production Kevin Dunn - $909,560 in 2017.  His salary will rise to $925,000 in 2018.

These salaries do not include what those who perform on camera are paid, nor would they include what execs make via WWE stock dividend payouts.

In the case of those related to Vince McMahon, their performance salaries were also listed in the filing:

Stephanie McMahon was paid $2.2 million total between her role as Chief Brand Ambassador and her on camera role.

Triple H was paid an additional $1.5 million for his on camera role, which means he was paid almost double to be "Triple H" vs. what he made as Paul Levesque, WWE Executive.

Shane McMahon, who is not an executive for the company, was paid $1.3 million last year for his on camera role as Smackdown Commissioner.

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