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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-06 08:51:00

The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes officially announced last night on their Being the Elite YouTube series that Chicago would indeed be the location of their 9/1 All In event. had previously reported that Chicago would be the host city.

The 11,000 seat Sears Centre Arena will be the venue for the event, which will be branded to the star of Bullet Club and promoted in conjunction with Ring of Honor.  The idea is to try and break 10,000 fans using both ROH talents and outside names with Rhodes and The Bucks spearheading the event, having creative freedom in terms of booking and marketing of the show.

The genesis of the idea was Rhodes wanting to prove Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer wrong after Meltzer commented that he didn't believe ROH could draw 10,000 fans.    The show has been presented as Rhodes and the Bucks personally investing in and self-financing and promoting the event, with ROH offering their assistance and infrastructure.

Adam "Hangman" Page, Kenny Omega and Arrow star Stephen Amell have all been announced as appearing at the event thus far.

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