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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-05 23:36:00

WWE will be instituting a new championship belt after Wrestlemania season ends, has confirmed with multiple sources.

While Wrestlemania 34 will feature the tournament final crowning a new Cruiserweight champion, there are already plans in the works to create a Cruiserweight Tag Team championship for the 205 Live brand.  The belts would give WWE a third set of Tag Team champions and bring forth the first Cruiserweight Tag Team championship seen nationally in the United States since the demise of WCW in 2001.

There is no word yet on the timetable as to when the belts will be rolled out, but several championship designs have been worked on internally and we are told that the company recently finalized plans for the look of the championships.

The addition of the belts are a sign that the company intends to continue to build the 205 Live brand, which has seen a remarkable turnaround last month when Triple H took the reigns of the brand over, focusing more on the athleticism and in-ring action of the company's Cruiserweight division.


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