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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-05 12:22:00

As noted previously on, Impact Wrestling taped a One Night Only PPV titled "March Breakdown" Saturday night in Windsor, Ontario.  The PPV taping featured the following results:

*Kongo Kong and RJ City defeated Impact champion Austin Aries and Alberto El Patron.  After arguing amongst themselves over the course of the match, Patron turned on Aries.  That allowed Kong to pin Aries.

*Joe Doering pinned Moose with a lariat.

*Matt Sydal defeated Petey Williams and Trevor Lee.   Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer on Lee, but Sydal tossed him out of the ring and scored the pin.

*Eli Drake pinned Cody Deaner. 

*BCW Tag Team champions Jake Something and Phil Atlas defeated Aiden Prince and Brent Banks after Atlas nailed Banks with a lowblow. The story here was that Brent and Phil were champs but Atlas turned on him at BCW's previous show.  Each competitor picked a new partner to determine who the Tag champs would be going forward.

*A-1 and Allie defeated Braxton Sutter and KC Spinelli when A1 pinned Sutter.

*The Desi Hit Squad defeated Sheldon Dean and Stone Rockwell.

*El Reverso pinned Idris Abraham with a moonsault.

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