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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-05 12:00:00

The official results of Impact Wrestling's Twitch special that was taped last night in Ontario and will air this Friday:

*Tyson Dux defeated Braxton Sutter via submission with a Boston Crab.

*Eli Drake pinned Marcus Burke.

*Trevor Lee pinned Josh Alexander with a double stomp.

*Petey Williams won a four way over Idris Abraham, Phil Atlas and Brent Banks.

*Desi Hitsquad defeated Cody Deaner & Jake Something. Something went for to suplex a member of the HitSquad into the ring but was tripped and had his leg held by the other partner outside the ring, preventing him from kicking up.

*Alberto el Patron pinned Moose with a double stomp.

*Knockouts champion Allie pinned KC Spinelli with a superkick.

*Impact champion Austin Aries defeated Kongo Kong and Matt Sydal to retain the belt after Sydal hit the shooting star on Kong.  Aries tossed him out of the ring and hit a 450 to get the pin.

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