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By Adam Tabb on 2018-03-04 21:52:00

Lars Sullivan defeated Chris (Donovan) Dijak with the Freak Accident in a very good hard hitting back and forth match.  The crowd was reacting well to Lars. 

Candace Larae defeated Dakota Kai in a very good women's match.  Lot's of "Mrs. Wrestling" chants for Candace.

The Undisputed Era cut a promo in the back about former Colts Punter Pat McAfee mispronouncing his name.  (That's a bit from his Barstool Sports podcast.)

Kassius Ohno defeated Adrian Jaoude by disqualification when Cesar Bononi interfered tripping Ohno.  The two engaged in a two on one beat down of Ohno until Lars Sullivan made the save.  Lars hit Cesar with the Freak Accident, and Ohno hit a Rolling Elbow to Adrian.  With the ring cleared, Lars teased shaking hands with Ohno, but nailed him with the Freak Accident.  Ohno was very well received by the crowd, and the Lars save got good reaction.

The Street Profits were having a promo from the training room, where they announced Montez Ford would be out of action.  Angelo Dawkins was confronted by Velveteen Dream who made fun of them not being in the main event any longer.  (Original Announced Main Event was a 6 man tag with the Era vs Ohno and Street Profits).

Velveteen Dream beat Angelo Dawkins with a roll up and hand full of tights.  Velveteen was WAY over with the crowd, and his name was being chanted all night.  Back and forth match, which saw Dawkins work heel since Dream was getting cheered.  

Aleister Black beat Adam Cole with Black Mass in an awesome match.  The ring announcer was Pat McAfee (introduced by his mispronounced name from the Podcast).  Pat cut a promo prior to the match putting over NXT, and calling out Adam Cole.  Cole came out to a huge reaction, and went face to face with McAfee, with them arguing.  Pat introduced the man who "was going to kick Cole's ass'.  Amazing match.  Cole taunted McAfee throughout the match, and when he attempted to use a chair, McAfee took it from him, and he turned around into the Black Mass.  Probably the best match of the night.

After Intermission, Kyle O'Riley and Bobby Fish retained the NXT Tag Team titles against Heavy Machinery when O'Riley rolled up Otis.  The possible injury came after some power double team spots by Heavy Machinery, in which they rammed O'Riley into Fish who was on the second rope in the corner. Nothing noticeable regarding the knee or leg specifically in the spot, but not long after that Fish dropped to the ring apron grabbing his leg (possibly knee).  Drake Wuertz put up the X sign with his arms and a doctor came from the back.  Fish remained down the rest of the match outside the ring.  The ring announcer came out and said something to Drake, who then made it around the ring talking to the other 3 men in the match.  A second referee came out and also relayed information.  Adam Cole ran out of the back and distracted Otis for the roll up.   The injury played no part in the end of the match, and Fish was not putting weight on the leg as he was helped to the back by Cole and O'Riley.  It looked very legitimate given the communication going on after the injury, but I guess time will tell if it was serious.

Shana Baszler defeated Kari Sane with a rear naked choke.  Very good match, with Baszler working like an old school Anderson Style bully heel.  Both of them were very over with the crowd, with Sane getting a ton of reaction in her comebacks.

In the main event, in what was announced as his final NXT appearance, Johnny Gargano beat Andrade "Cien" Almas.  Amazing match, that started as an old school brawl all over the arena.  Zelina Vega was so good on the outside all night, between her interference, and her reactions.  Candace came out from the back and chased away Vega, who had just hit an amazing hurancanrana from the ring apron to the outside on Gargano.  Gargano got the win after countering the hammerlock DDT.  It was a great match, and was very close to the Black vs Cole match.  Hard to pick the best.   Gargano got a huge reaction for winning and then gave a great speech, which said that he felt the NXT was making it other big time, and the NXT roster was the best he'd been in world wide.  He wouldn't say where he was going or what the next move would be.

Overall a great card, and probably the best overall top to bottom card NXT has had in the building, even though the crowd was slightly lower this time.  Seems like the new people on the roster are making a connection with the audience.  Very enjoyable show.

Top Reactions

1)  Aleister Black
2) Adam Cole
3) Johnny Gargano
4) Velveteen Dream

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