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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-04 19:34:00 is working to confirm the situation, but several readers in attendance at the ongoing NXT live event in Indianapolis have sent word that NXT Tag Team champion Bobby Fish appeared to have suffered an injury and was walked to the back during The Undisputed Era's bout against Heavy Machinery.

During the bout, according to one reader, it appeared that Fish suffered a knee injury to his left knee.  Kyle O'Reilly continued the bout solo with Adam Cole running out to distract Otis to set up O'Reilly rolling him up for the pinfall win.  We were told it was obvious that they had changed things on the fly after Fish went down.

Based on the reports we've received thus far from readers, there was nothing "out of the ordinary" before Fish went down to the floor outside the ring.

There is no information available at this point.

Thanks to Adam Tabb, Pete Kilmer and Sean Steinke.

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