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By Jose Perez on 2018-03-04 19:25:00

World Wrestling Council (WWC) finally, finally, finally returned to action on Saturday night 3/2 with the first event the promotion has presented September 2017 when Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico.   

WWC are billing this as the beginning of their 2018 season. The event took place at the Angel “Musico” Hernandez Amphitheater in Dorado, PR. The fans packed the venue, which is not a big one and were ready to see some action after the long hiatus.

Quick results from the matches presented last night:

-          Bellito defeated “El Comandante.”

-          OT Fernandez defeated Anthony Roberts.

-          “El Hombre Bestia” Angel defeated Ray Gonzalez Jr.

-          Xix Xavant defeated Peter “The Bad” Romance.

-          “La Revolucion” retained the WWC World Tag Team titles by defeating Khaos & Abaddon with interference from their manager Orlando Toledo.

-          “The Precious One” Gilbert retained the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight title when he faced “El Chico Ilegal” Chicano. There was no winner in this match after they went to the time limit of 20 minutes.

-          In the main event, Mighty Ursus defeated Ray Gonzalez Sr. via DQ, after Ray Jr. interfered in the match, nailing Juan Manuel Ortega with a “kendo stick” in back. This allowed Ray Sr. to grab a chain and use it to blast Ursus with it. This caused the DQ. Ray Jr. joined his dad in beating Ursus in the ring, but not for long, as Ortega came in, chair in hand and the heels quickly slid out of the ring.

There were some challenges made during the show and they also filmed promos in the back for next week’s TV show to help set up the card for their return to the same venue in Dorado next Saturday night. On the Sunday edition of their TV earlier today, WWC announced the card for that house show next week, which will feature:

WWC Universal Title  with Juan Manuel Ortega and Ray Gonzalez Jr. will be handcuffed to each other: Mighty Ursus vs. “Mr. Raytings” Ray Gonzalez (c)

WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title, No time limit & No DQ: “El Chico Ilegal” Chicano vs. “The Precious One” Gilbert (c)

WWC World Tag Team Titles, Juan Manuel Ortega and Orlando Toledo are not allowed to be in the respective corners: Khaos & Abaddon vs. “La Revolucion” (c)

Xix Xavant vs. Ray Gonzalez Jr.

“El Hombre Bestia” Angel vs. Peter “The Bad” Romance

Otis Fernandez vs. “El Comandante”

Bellito vs. “El Diabolico”

In other news, former WWE Spanish announcer Hugo Savinovich has begun releasing short videos on LuchaLiberOnline’s YouTube page, answering questions and talking about his career. The latest videos that have been posted over the last couple of days include:

Hugo Savinovich opens up for the first time about how the Benoit incident impacted him, how he feels about Benoit’s legacy after the incident and more…

 Hugo explains if he would consider coming back to the announcing team in WWE and more…

Q&A’s about Hugo’s relationship with Carlos Cabrera, and he answers if received any racist insults while at WWE…

CWA announcced they would be "coming back to their roots” next Saturday 3/10 at the Santa Clara Arena in Aguas Buenas, PR with their Accion Vibrante (Vibrant Action.)  They announced the following talents will be appearing CWA Heavyweight champion “El Sensacional” Star Roger, CWA Puerto Rico champion “El Magnate Cubano” Rodrigo Garcia, CWA’s Tag Team champions “Los Fugitivos”, Edwin Garcia, Derek Shadow with “Las Bestias” and many more.  The official card will be announced over the course of the week.

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