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By Dave Scherer on 2018-03-07 10:00:00

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Given that the majority of Ronda Rousey's wins in MMA came via armbar, or in wrestling terms, cross arm breaker, do you think she should use that move as her finisher in WWE?  To anyone who has any knowledge of her MMA career, the move instantly gains a ton of legitimacy if Rousey is the one applying it.  Or do you think that she should branch out and come up with another move as her finisher?

I like the idea of having her use her MMA finisher.  It would bring legitimacy to her character.

Where would you rank Alexa Bliss in terms of mic skills on this current women's roster? She had me convinced that she couldn't hold back tears and when watching live I was telling a friend how Vince is going to be annoyed she broke character from being too emotional after the Elimination Chamber only to completely do a 180 to the crowd which I thought was fantastic.

She is undoubtedly number one in my opinion.  Every other female on the roster is fighting for the second spot.  Bliss is amazing, completely amazing.

I read [Another wrestling writer whose name has been redacted]’s review of the Elimination Chamber and it ends with the following (in regards to the men’s elimination chamber match) and I quote.”Obviously this was the best match on the show, because it ws pretty much a one match and one angle show”. On a scale of 1 to 10, how out of touch is this guy, I take it he never bothered to watch the Women’s Chamber.

Everyone has a right to their opinion.  In my opinion, there is no way that the men’s match was “obviously” the best.  I thought that the Women’s Chamber match was clearly better.  And there was also an angle in that match, as Alexa Bliss defied the odds and held onto her Title, which is absolutely a storyline.  One could argue that the Nia Jax-Asuka match was better too.  I won’t say that he is out of touch because I don’t follow his work, but I do think the quote you mentioned simply isn’t factually true.

We’ve seen the reaction Roman Regins gets. It’s obvious he will be booed no matter what at Wrestlemania. We also seen crowds get “tired” after seeing big/showstealing matches. With that being said do you think it would be wise for WWE to put AJ/Shinsuke on last at Wrestlemania?

I see your logic here.  Mania is a LONG show and by the end, the hardcore fans that come in from all around the world could be testy.  With that said, WWE could book Brock-Roman in such a way that they will keep them engaged.  I don’t see them putting the WWE Title match on last.  At this point, I am just hoping that John Cena isn’t a part of that bout.  If he is, I don’t think it will be received well by that crowd.

Regarding the third hour of Raw, there may be a correlation between the hour-3 ratings drop and the fact that a lot of the audience (kids) who are watching the WWE product tune out by 10 ET for bedtime. With that said, do you think to prevent or counteract the hour-3 ratings drop would be to cater to the older audience in this hour? If not, what other alternative can WWE provide in hour-3, knowing that no mater what audience will dwindle because 10-11:10 PM ET is pushing it for kids to be up? If WWE is handcuffed to having three hours, would 7-10 PM ET be better?

Here is the thing.  It used to be that hour one was the one that dragged behind the other two.  Then that changed.  They have already tried to cater to the older fans by announcing marquee main events and segments.  It hasn’t helped.  I don’t know that 7-10 would help either, since people are still eating dinner at that time.  It really doesn’t matter though because USA wants the show in prime time so that is where it will stay.

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