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By Dave Scherer on 2018-03-06 10:00:00

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Wow! Talk about a pipe bomb! Roman Reigns has obviously been taking lessons from C.M. Punk! Seriously though, Roman gave undoubtedly the best promo of his career tonight. Admittedly I’ve been one of the boo birds for Roman but I really feel like that promo is a step in the right direction. In your opinion do you think if WWE has Reigns do more worked-shoot promos like this and just let him be himself more that it could finally turn the tide and accomplish what they want, which is to get the fans on Roman’s side?

As I type this on Sunday, I sure would have him do more of them.  It was a great move to make the switch that they did.  Him facing off with Brock would have gotten him booed by the fans like yourself.  Having him go out and basically tell the truth about Brock got the opposite reaction.  I would do more of that if I were booking the feud.  Brock can become more of a heel by saying he is better than the rest of the roster and that is why he gets the deal that they don’t.  Say what you want about Reigns but he is right, he is there every week, working hard and having really good matches.

I have heard you say that Brock Lesnar has held the Title hostage and it hurts Raw.  I agree with you and wanted you to share your theory with the non-Elite readers? 

In my opinion, Brock being the champion does more harm than good at this point on Raw.  To be clear, it’s Vince McMahon’s fault, not Brock’s, since Vince put the Title on him.  But not having the champion on Raw every week subliminally tells the viewer that they can miss the show.  After all, if it’s not important enough for the top guy to show up, then at least some fans can think they don’t need to spend their time watching the show.

With the talk of when to end Asuka’s streak I was wondering what is your opinion on undefeated streak gimmicks?  I think Kevin Nash said it best about Bill Goldberg in the Monday Night Wars episode on him. It was something along the line of "if you're gimmick is that you are undefeated, then you better retire the day you lose".  I tend to feel the same way. 

It depends on the person.  With all due respect to Goldberg, he was a green newcomer when his streak started.  So, when it ended, he lost some luster.  In Asuka’s case, she is an extremely talented veteran.  When her streak ends it will be different.  It all depends on the talent.

I am struggling to garner any interest in Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania and my reason for this is her projected opponent Stephanie McMahon and possible partner Kurt Angle. I’m guessing WWE won’t have her fighting Triple H so to see Rousey in the ring means her wrestling opposite Steph. Hate, hate, hate it. I’m not that excited by seeing Kurt Angle wrestle either unless he’s done a lot of training since Survivor Series.  Do you guys agree? Should I just like the spectacle? Is there anyone the WWE could get in to fight for Steph? Maybe Charlotte?

I look at it as a spectacle and that is exactly how I think Rousey should debut.  As part of a mixed tag, she can be protected and Steph can spend the match trying not to get in the ring.  I don’t want to see her get someone to wrestle for her, especially in Ronda’s first match.  If it ends up she is good, I want them to build to a match against someone like Charlotte.

Whatever happened to the planned Stephanie McMahon memoir that was in the works?  Is development of the book on hiatus, or has the project been cancelled completely?

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

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