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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-04 10:58:00

Rey Mysterio is believed to have suffered a torn bicep during the main event of Northeast Wrestling's Wrestlefest in Waterbury, CT this past Friday, PWInsider has learned.  In that bout, Mysterio teamed with Flip Gordon against Joey Mercury and Caleb Konley. 

Our own Paul Crockett filed the following report on the match: "I wouldn’t call this the smoothest encounter I’ve ever seen, but as far as building heat to a hot tag, then building heat to an even hotter tag that lead to an explosion after the finish, this was effective.  Rey is a superstar for a reason, and Flip is building his way to eventually becoming one.  Flip benefited greatly from being in there with him.  The finish saw Rey hit a double 619, followed by a top rope splash on Konley for the win."

It should be noted that as of this writing, the injury has not been confirmed as Mysterio was going to have it examined upon his return home to California.  Mysterio's arm was a little swollen after the bout, but he was not holding the arm backstage after in a way that was obvious there was a major injury.  We are told Mysterio pretty much rushed to leave the building after the match.

The potential injury is believed to have occurred in the final minutes of the bout, so it should be interesting to see what the tape of the match reveals when it is released online by Northeast Wrestling.

The sad timing of the potential injury is that, according to WWE sources, Mysterio was originally slated to meet with Triple H at WWE HQ in Stamford, CT prior to the NEW event to try and lock down terms of a new contract with the company.  The meeting was postponed after HHH was needed to go to Saudi Arabia to finalize a new contract there that would see WWE locked in to produce live events in that country over the next decade.

Mysterio had been on WWE's radar since his surprise return at the Royal Rumble in January, which easily received the biggest reaction of anything on the show up until that point.  That opened WWE up to signing a new deal with Mysterio, where before, previous talks had stalemated over Mysterio wanting a part-time deal and WWE management insisting on a full-time return.   

Mysterio is also slated to wrestle Jushin Liger at the 3/25 New Japan Pro Wrestling "Strong Style Evolved" event in Long Beach, CA.

Now, all of that is up in the air until Mysterio gets this potential injury diagnosed.

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