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By Dave Scherer on 2018-03-04 10:00:00

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Impact Wrestling had a situation where the bat spot that hit Eddie Edwards went wrong.  They weren’t live.  Why would they air that atrocity on POP?

I wish I had a good answer.  To me, that spot should have never aired on TV.  It probably should have never been done in the first place.  I would have never aired it and it’s kind of sickening to me that they did.

With the rumors that FOX is trying actively for WWE rights with USA is probably not interested in losing it, does Impact Wrestling is given a chance like if they would spend some money in signing new stars and creating a better product perhaps as a quick fix would make them get back to national television?

They were actually doing that a few years ago and the best deal that they got was with POP.  Now?  They have let most of their top guys go and the money isn’t there to sign top names.  Even if it was, as we saw back in 2001, USA had no interest in bringing ECW in.  They want WWE or they won’t be in the wrestling business.  FOX will be the same way.  They could already have Impact if they wanted a second tier company.

Which streak will be broken first - Asuka's winning streak,  or Curt Hawkins’ losing streak?

Well, one of them matters and they other doesn’t.  To me, the bigger question is WHEN should Asuka’s streak be broken.  If it’s me, I have Alexa Bliss do it at WrestleMania.  I think it will surprise people and it’s the proper way to book them going forward.  Bliss is just so good right now, I want there to be a real build to Asuka finally beating her.  It will mean a lot more if they do it that way.

I’m going to a Paul Heyman show over the course of WrestleMania weekend. He’ll also be signing autographs, photos etc. It’ll be a highlight of my WrestleMania weekend. But I’m struggling to find something cool to have him autograph. I read he was writing or wrote a book, was this ever released? Amazon have a book by him listed but its says its currently unavailable. What would you suggest (to have hime sign). I’m not looking to sell something, but have something cool he could sign and I could look back on in years to come and remember a great time.

I think you should take your favorite ECW/Heyman piece of merchandise that you own and have him sign that.  It’s supposed to be personal, so make it personal!

We are all familiar with the close on-screen and working relationship between WWE's Four Horsewomen, but in her book, Charlotte discusses a fair amount of tension between her and Sasha behind the scenes.  Was this heat between them a real thing, and is it still going on or by now is it water under the bridge?

The same thing happens in team sports.  Personalities grate on each other but in the end, when they are part of something great as a team, they are your guy or gal.  Those women created a movement together.  That is a bond that resonates.

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