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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-03 10:00:00

With Fox Sports 1 being in the running to potentially air WWE next year, do you think a relationship with Fox would alter the presentation of the product at all? More of a presentation of reality, legit competition like an NXT vs the sometimes comedic, and always story first presentation of Raw and smack down? Or will it pretty much be business as usual should the Fox/WWE relationship come to fruition?

The only thing I have heard about a potential relationship with FOX is the idea that Raw could end up back as a two hour show, which would obviously be a positive for the overall product.  I don't believe we'd see any massive changes in the product itself to fit whatever broadcast partner that WWE ends up with.

With Impact's contract with Pop coming up at the end of the year, have you heard any news regarding if Pop is planning on renewing Impact or if Impact is looking elsewhere for a new domestic TV partner. 

There has been no word yet as to where Impact will be airing as of January 2019.  

Any chance that we will see the old “Wrestling Challenge” or any of the older WWE syndicated weekend shows from the 70’s and 80’s on the WWE Network?

WWWF is adding old episode of the All-Star Wrestling this Monday.  We are told there are no current plans for Wrestling Challenge this year.

Hi. I Just read your answer about the next in power if something world happen to Vince. Michelle Wilson and George Barrios. But the ownership of the company would remain in McMahons' hands? Thank you.

If McMahon was alive, he would have ownership, obviously, unless he chooses to sell the company.  If McMahon passes away, obviously his ownership would revert to his estate.

What is the likelihood WWE keeps Lesnar off TV until Mania as angle to turn him heel for disrespecting fans by no showing dates? Do you think it would work to get reigns over come Mania? If nothing else, it’s a gutsy play if it turns out to be the case. 

WWE could certainly go that route, but I don't see it as being the most impactful way to promote the biggest show of the year.  The Roman Reigns promo this past Monday on Raw was the most favorable reaction we've seen to Reigns in some time (and it was a great promo) so perhaps it will spark WWE continuing to try outside of the box ideas for the feud.  We shall see. 

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