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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-02 12:08:00

Regarding contracts, has confirmed Alberto el Patron’s deal with Impact Wrestling expires in April.  The two sides are currently negotiating a new deal.  Patron is easily the biggest "name" star the company has at the moment.

Eli Drake’s deal with the company expires on 5/31.  Thanks to Bruce Anderson, who sent along that Drake noted that in a recent interview.

Man, that Eddie Edwards baseball shot was every bit as nasty and evil as we were led to believe it was.  Poor Edwards.

The Impact Wrestling will tape the latest One Night Only PPV in conjunction with Scott D'Amore's Border City Wrestling this Saturday 3/3 in Windsor, Ontario with:

*Trevor Lee vs. Petey Williams vs. Matt Sydal.

*Eli Drake vs. Cody Deaner.

*All Japan Triple Crown champion Joe Doering vs. Moose.

*Allie and A1 vs. Braxton Sutter and KC Spinelli

*Idris Abraham vs. El Reverso.

*Also advertised are Alberto el Patron, Moose, Matt Sydal, Sienna, Kongo Kong, Aiden Prince, Phil Atlas, Brent Banks, and more advertised.  For ticket details, click here.

This Sunday 3/4 Impact will run an event in conjunction with Destiny Wrestling, titled "Last Chancery", which will be filmed for Twitch and will debut on that platform on 3/9.  That show will be headlined by Impact champion Austin Aries vs. Kongo Kong vs. Matt Sydal.  Also scheduled for that show is Alberto el Patron vs. Moose, Trevor Lee vs. Josh Alexander and Allie vs. KC Spinelli.  Santino Marella is connected to Destiny, so it's always possible he will make a cameo as well.

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