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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-01 18:59:00

Tammy "Sunny" Sytch was arrested in Aberdeen Township, New Jersey on Tuesday 2/27.  According to Monmouth County Sheriffs' Office, Sytch is facing six charges of Contempt - Disobedience/resistance.  The charges are related to Sytch not appearing before the court in two different jurisdictions.  As of this writing, there is no word on the circumstances of the situation that led to Sytch's New Jersey arrest.

Sytch's bond is listed at $6,000, but she remains incarcerated in Monmouth County, New Jersey as she is also being held as a "fugitive of justice" in Pennsylvania.

In February 2017, Sytch was paroled from Carbon County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania after agreeing to attend a WWE-sponsored rehab.  When Sytch was released, the court ordered her to directly report to that in-patient drug rehab in Hanover, PA, successfully complete the in-patient program, successfully complete any aftercare recommendations and report to the Carbon County Probation Office upon completion of the program. 

The release also ordered Sytch to perform 75 hours of community service and ordered that she would have a "zero tolerance" threshold for the possession, control and consumption of alcoholic beverages and non-prescribed medication and would also have "zero tolerance" for any missed urine screens without a legitimate excuse.

It was noted in Sytch's February 2017 release orders that her failure to adhere to the Judge's order would result in a petition to revoke parole."   As it turned out, the court's petition to revoke Sytch's parole was filed just a little over six months later, on 8/22/17.   A bench warrant for Sytch's arrest was issued the following day, but remained under the radar publicly.   What led to the court revoking Sytch's parole is, at this point, unknown.  

Sytch was arrested four times between 2015 and 2016 in Pennsylvania.  She plead guilty to a trio of DUIs after completing an initial rehabilitation program.  Judge Joseph T. Matika sentenced the WWE Hall of Famer to 97 days in prison, only to then give her credit for 95 days in rehab and 2 days in jail.  Sytch was released without spending a day in prison.  At the time, Sytch was warned by Judge Matika that if she got into trouble at any point during her probation, there would be consequences.  

However, just 18 days into her probation, Sytch was again arrested, this time in Northampton County, PA.  In that case, Sytch plead guilty to driving without a license, driving an unregistered vehicle, operating a vehicle without required financial responsibility (no insurance), displaying plate card in improper vehicle (license plates placed on a car to which they didn't belong), operating a vehicle without valid inspection, and driving without Evidence of an Emission Inspection, which is required in State of PA).   

In that case, Sytch was also fined $1,496.45 as part of an agreement made with Prosecutors that saw them drop the most severe charge, receiving stolen property.  Prosecutors also dropped a charge of fraudulent use or removal of registered licensed plates. 

Pennsylvania court records show that Sytch's probation revocation was officially delivered on 2/28, the same day she was arrested in New Jersey.  What likely happened is that when Sytch was arrested in New Jersey, the bench warrant was found electronically when she was being processed.  Until that point, her case had been listed as inactive as she could not be found to be arrested, since she was no longer living in Pennsylvania.

Based on court records, Sytch could again be facing up to five years imprisonment (based on the original verdict against her, which the court could choose to impose) plus additional penalties.

Sytch had been making independent bookings and signing appearances in recent months, including a signing in Philadelphia this past January. is working on additional details on this story and will update as more information is confirmed.

Thanks to Eric Walker.

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