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By Dave Scherer on 2018-02-27 10:00:00

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Is Roman Reigns loss on RAW as part of the gauntlet of his Chamber opponents a way of WWE saying to the audience ‘look guys, he might not win, come and buy the show?’

Buy the show?  Nah. They don’t sell PPVs on purpose any more.  But it was definitely a way to elevate Rollins and add drama to the Chamber match.  I loved it.

Wouldn't it make more sense for Strowman to beat Brock in the main event and have the crowd go crazy at the end as opposed to everyone booing when Reigns wins? Then you could pair Reigns with Rousey to carry most of the match and get some cheers for him?

It depends on how are looking at it.  From my perspective, sure.  It’s what I would do.  But I don’t get to make the call.  Vince McMahon does.  I would roll Strowman out there, especially since there will be so many vocal, hardcore fans at Mania.  As I type this before the Chamber, I like your idea of Reigns and Rousey vs. Triple H and Steph.  That could be pretty entertaining.

Given the fact that some of Jeff Jarrett's former 'Guys' are quite high in the WWE now, do you think Jarrett's future could possibly lie in NXT?  While I have never been overly a fan of his, with his family history in the business - and his own long and varied career, I can see him being a valuable asset to the future of NXT.

The way I see it, after he left Impact and tried to get Global Force going, he was available.  For years.  WWE never reached out to him.  I don’t think the talents in WWE were his “guys” as much as TNA gave those talents a place to work and show what they could do.  So, is it possible they extend him a job offer?  Sure.  Is it probable?  If I had to guess, I would probably say no, or at least not anything substantial.  NXT is pretty loaded with people creating the stars of tomorrow already and at 50 years old, there isn’t much for Jarrett left in the ring where WWE is concerned.

I am happy that Jeff Jarrett is in the HOF but it actually got me thinking. With Bruno Sammartino, Ultimate Warrior and Kurt Angle going into the HOF and making peace with the company do you think it's all a fad?  It's not just about honoring someone but more like shock value and then have the person do a Network special talking about the situation and making peace with Vince McMahon. No doubt Jarrett will do a sit down interview talking about his last match against Chyna. 

Those men all have different reasons that led them away from the McMahon empire.  In the case of Warrior and Sammartino, they didn’t want to deal with the company.  Angle left because the company wanted him to address an issue and he didn’t think he had one.  Jarrett’s heat came from how he left WWE, when he was in a rare position of power over Vince.  He didn’t have an issue with Vince, but it sure seems like Vince had one with him.  I think Vince had different reasons for extending the invitation with each man.

Curious what your take was on the Seth Rollins/John Cena match that aired on RAW as part of the Gauntlet match series. If the plan was for Rollins to go over, don't you agree that the match should have ended when Rollin's rolled Cena over and dropped him with his own F-5? The crowd looked ready to explode. Then when the match did end a minute later, it didn't have the same energy from the crowd that could have been. I feel like that could have been a "moment," which is something WWE needs to do more of to make happen creatively. That's what its all about.

I see what you are saying, but I see it differently.  They wanted to give the false finish to lull the fans into thinking, “Darn they could have had Seth win, but now he won’t.”  And then, he did.  I liked the booking myself.

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