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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-01 10:00:00


I gotta ask about this. With the news that all WWE PPV events will be dual branded it reminded me of how history is repeating itself. I recall after the original Brand Extension we had brand only ppv which didn't last long. Would you be shocked if this is the first step in ending the whole separate brand roster?  

It all depends on what the mindset is behind ending the split-brand PPVs.  I honestly would not be shocked if it was simply a way to increase the interest in the shows while also cutting some of the production costs out by cutting down on the number of PPVs total as a way to make the bottom line look stronger.  I think many of the moves that have been made in the last year are to make the company's bottom line look even more attractive to stockholders and potential buyers.  I don't think whether talents are migrated to one brand or another is the big picture here - the company is already making record amounts of money.  They are looking as to how they can capitalize on that.

How long do you think it will be we see Ronda Rousey taking part in actual wrestling matches for WWE?

If I am WWE, I don't have her wrestling in a televised setting until Wrestlemania.  A big part of the allure of this year's Mania should be built around the attraction of seeing Rousey compete for the first time.

WWE has asked about fan interest in NXT going to 90 minutes to 2 hours, perhaps even live. 205 Live has a problem with having a live audience staying after Smackdown. How would you feel about them taping a 90 minute/2 hour NXT and then a live episode of 205 Live every week at Full Sail(assuming logistics would allow it)?

NXT doesn't need to be two hours.  I think one of the reasons the brand works as well as it does as a television product is that it's one hour and done, allowing stories and talents time to slowly build and to give talents who might be overexposed a chance to slip into the shadows.  There are no bloated, worthless segments on NXT for a reason - they only have so much time and they need to make it work.  I would be fine with WWE pulling the trigger to take NXT live weekly if they go in that direction one day.  I also think putting 205 Live in a more intimate venue would help that brand, but it wouldn't have been an immediate, perfect answer.  The work that the brand has done over the last several weeks is a great step in the right direction and I've really enjoyed it.

Now that Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin) has returned to wrestling full time will she be permitted to wrestle under the name Kaitlyn? Did WWE ever trademarked the name Kaitlyn?

She wrestled under her given name in Florida as WWE owns the rights to the Kaitlyn name.  She could technically use the name with a different spelling.

Recently I asked a question concerning the possibility of an all womens WrestleMania. Upon reflection, I realize it was indeed an outrageous question. In any event, instead of an all womens Wrestlemania why not a pay per view show featuring exclusively the women of WWE? WCW did it. I think it was called One Night Only. A showcase of the finest women wrestlers in the world today. What do you think?

As I noted in my previous answer to you, I'd be all for a show that was exclusively female talents presented by WWE.  I hope they do it at some point.  They have the talent and with the platform afforded the company by the WWE Network, it can easily be accomplished.

Do you know of any wrestler who's career suffered from their fear of flying?

I've always heard that Super Delphin hated to fly, which is why he'd never come to the United States or tour outside of Japan.  


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