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By Dave Scherer on 2018-02-25 10:00:00

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We keep hearing that The Rock is a ‘busy man’ when it comes to appearing at WWE events, despite between 2011-2016 appearing at a few a year with the same schedule. RAW25 comes and goes and we don’t even get a taped message from him despite his social media proving he isn’t too busy to record them. What gives? Why is there such distance between Rock and WWE the past year or so? I know in previous Q&A you have denied it was due to him calling CM Punk in front of a WWE crowd, but surely it’s too much of a coincidence now?

The Rock is one of the top paid performers in the world.  I know wrestling fans think he “owes” the business, but I don’t agree.  He gave at least as much to WWE as he got from them.  Sure, his fame there got him his first movie role, but that same fame made the company a lot of money.  A lot of other talents got a movie shot and none of them came close to Rock’s success, and that is because Dwayne Johnson is a very talented person.  So at this point, his acting career comes first and foremost to him and I appreciate that.  If he wants to send a video, fine.  If he wants to save his next appearance on WWE TV for something more special, that’s fine too.  But know this, if Rock calls WWE and says he wants to appear, what he said off camera about Punk will in no way stop that from happening.

Roman Reigns is a pretty big guy with an impressive physique.  Is there any particular reason why he always wrestles in a vest and never takes it off on-camera?

From everything that I have been told, it’s just the costume that they chose for him.  I have never heard of any other reason and you can google and see him without a shirt on, there are no outward issues.

New Orleans has apparently banned blood and piledrivers from being used at wrestling events.  How will this affect Wrestlemania, if at all?  What would be the repercussions if someone was busted open accidentally?  And will this prevent Undertaker from using the Tombstone, if he wrestles?

I don’t know the rules in New Orleans, but they have been there before and haven’t had an issue.  If someone got busted open, they would be attended to.  And given the magnitude of the event, I could see the Commission making an exception if need be.  Money tends to talk. 

I have to say that I was pretty shocked that WWE decided to put Jeff Jarrett in the HOF so soon. Shocked but happy because the Jarrett family has played an integral part in the history of wrestling for roughly 40 years now.  What, if anything, does this say about Jarrett and Impact Wrestling and GFW going forward?

I don’t think there is a role for him in Impact right now due to all of the changes that they have made.  And not for nothing, it’s not like the company flourished with Jeff in charge.  As for Global Force, I think it is at best a group that will run an occasional show.  It’s been around for a long, long time and hasn’t made any great strides.

Has there been any discussion inside WWE about bringing Jarrett back into the fold somehow? He could be a great addition to the company in several roles. He could be a commentator, a coach, a hell of a manager for a talent who isn't strong on the mic, and a great replacement for Daniel Bryan if he chooses to leave. 

If there have been, I haven’t heard of anything.  The way I see it, he was out there for years and they never brought him.  It’s great that they are putting him in the HOF.  That should mean a legends deal.  Beyond that, I can’t say.

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