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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-23 16:56:00

Over the last several days, has been contacted by a number of Impact Wrestling talents, alleging that they have yet to be paid for the January 2018 TV tapings that were held in Orlando, Florida.

Several of the talents that contacted, speaking under condition of anomynity, also alleged that they were not paid for the November 2017 Bound for Glory PPV and subsequent TV tapings in Ottawa until after the Christmas holidays, right before the January tapings. 

Among talents we have spoken with, there is a concern that the previous payment pattern would continue, which has spiked worries that payments might not come until the next round of tapings, which are scheduled for late April in Orlando. reached out to Ed Nordholm, President of Impact Wrestling's parent company Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions LLC, seeking clarificiation on talent pay and how the situation was being handled.   To his credit, Nordholm responded almost immediately with the following statement:

"Talent is not behind on their pay. We generally provide for talent to be paid as independent contractors in the month following a month in which services are rendered. This was an improvement over previous management, where talent cheques were issued only as the actual episodes aired (could be as much as 12 weeks after tapings before final instalments were delivered).

We instituted a payment policy last year to pay for all services rendered in a month in the following month, regardless of when the shows would air. Accordingly, cheques for January were mailed earlier mid-month; cheques for November were mailed mid-December (and I understand got caught up in Christmas mail delays).

We realize that one unexpected impact of moving our corporate offices to Canada has been a further delay with mail services going cross-border. We are working to streamline our talent payroll processing so future events will be paid closer to the beginning of each month after services are rendered."

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