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By Dave Scherer on 2018-02-20 10:00:00

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Am I the only one who sees Adam Scherr - Braun Strowman as a Supersized "Stone Cold" Steve Austin? With all the backstage stunts, WWE is obviously investing a lot of time & money into him, but they seem hesitant to make him the face of the company & allow him to beat Brock Lesnar clean for the Universal Title. I think the fans would support him more than Roman Reigns.

I agree with the last statement for sure.  Braun doesn’t get the hate from the hardcore fans that Roman does.  I too would have him beat Brock as well.   I think it would be better for Reigns if they did that as well.  I don’t see Braun as an Austin character but they have booked him into some similar Austin-like situations.

I have a question about the controversy that’s going on in Hollywood at the moment. Are you surprised WWE hasn’t been dragged into it a bit more? I can think of instances where pressure has been placed on WWE staff for all sorts of stuff but one that immediately comes to mind is Vincent K’s obsession with beautiful women who Work for him and the kiss my arse club.

The things that you mentioned were done on the shows, so they were “part of the show”.  I don’t see anything there that would fall under the movement.  At this point, I am neither surprised or not surprised.

Do you think there's any possibility of an Asuka vs. Ronda Rousey match at Wrestlemania? I'm so looking forward to that happening, even if not at the big show of the year. Heck, even if it's at Summerslam, it'd rock.

As I type this on Sunday, I see no way.  Asuka has a title shot at Mania.  It would make no sense to give that up to have a match against Rousey.  Down the road?  If Rousey picks up the business and gets good at it, that would be a match I would want to see.

Was the Big Show ever really 500 lbs?

I remember him saying on Conan that he hit 501 pounds at one point and people were calling him “Levis” (in reference to the jeans that the company makes).

With Sable being the wife of Brock Lesnar, and still partially linked to the business is there a reason why she wasn’t on RAW25? She was a huge part of early RAW and deserved a moment surely?

My hunch is that she didn’t want to be on the show.  If she did, she easily could have been there.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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