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By Dave Scherer on 2018-02-18 10:00:00

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I have seen Vince McMahon saying he learned from his mistakes from the XFL.  Then I listened to you and Eps talk about how he has repeated the same mistakes with the brand split every time he has done it.  Why should we believe he will learn from his XFL mistakes?

If I was going to point to any reason why this may be different I would have to say that in wrestling, he has his one way of doing things. It’s ingrained.  So when Smackdown becomes more interesting than Raw, the reflex is to always flip flop that.  The XFL it could be different because he hasn’t spent decades establishing his process.  I don’t know how much I believe that, but that would be the possibility I could give.  With that said, I really don’t know if there are any great adjustments he can make in order to make the XFL anything more than a fringe league.

Would WWE really subject us to a four hour PPV every time out?  I saw the story on the site and it made me cringe.  The four hour shows are just too long to me.

Well, here’s an even scarier thought: If the basic shows go to four hours, how long will be it be before the Big 4 go to five hours?  Or six?  I am not kidding either.  I am with you, most of the time the four hour shows just seem too long.  If the booking gets hot that could change, but as I have said before, I generally prefer the 2:45 minute WWE events.  That seems to be the sweet zone for me.

I don’t normally like to ask questions dealing with fantasy booking, but I keep seeing Bray Wyatt hovering around with no real purpose and it bothers me, because he could be the next Undertaker and/or Jake The Snake Roberts if they booked him properly. I believe the best way to push him back to respectability lies in a face turn. And I believe the best way to do it involves WWE bringing Sanity to the main roster. I think having Sanity running roughshod over the WWE roster using Wyatt Family style techniques could lead to stars reaching out to Wyatt for help. He could rebuff their requests only to have Sanity end up crossing his path and leading to a turn for Wyatt. I love Eric Young vs Bray Wyatt on the mic using head games. And I even love the idea of retelling the Raven vs Sandman story with the true introduction of Sister Abigail only to have her brainwashed by Sanity and Wyatt fighting for her. I think it could really get the fans to believe in Wyatt again. Thoughts?

Sigh, fantasy booking.  I largely stay away from it because at the end of the day, we live in the world of Vince booking and we have to be realistic.  There are definitely ways that Wyatt could get more over than he is now but it would require the boss wanting to do it.  Until that happens?  Well I will just stay away from fantasy booking!

Do you think low ticket sales for Elimination Chamber can be partially related to the fact its obvious Roman Reigns is going over? 

Honestly?  No, I don’t.  I live in Las Vegas so I have a unique perspective on this one.  WWE always draws soft here not because of them as much as there is so much to do in the town.  There are dozens of first run shows and concerts every day here.  Now, we have one of the top NHL teams in the league as well.  There are so many options here and that affects people going to WWE shows.  There may be some fear of Roman winning, but most WWE shows here tend to have soft sales.

Can you please try and convince me that my fear Dolph will be winning the WWE title at Fastlane is unfounded?  They already put him in one title match he had no right to be in, at Clash of Champions, and he won that one.

As I said above, this is Vince’s world so I can’t really convince you since nothing he does surprises me.  With that said, the fans want to see Nakamura vs. Styles.  Dolph is a great in-ring wrestler but his character is just not over right now.  To have him come back at this time and vault to the WWE Title would be a huge, huge mistake.  I will hold onto that and say I hope they realize that.

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