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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-16 10:00:00

Do you think the english language announce team for New Japan knows when they cut out because of theme music international copyright?  I can usually watch it "live" but it irks me.  They seem to keep talking and we walked in on a conversation. 

If they are still talking, they likely don't know they are off the air.

What do you think of an all-women Wrestlemania card?

While I am 100% for an all-WWE women's Pevent, I think the idea of doing an all women's card for Wrestlemania is silly for the same reason that it would be silly to do an all men's version - everyone has worked all year to earn their place on the show and it's not to sideline anyone.  Now, if you want to do a Wrestlemania style card where all the women's storylines climax on a big show in the vein of Mania, all for it.

Last year sometime,I remember reading that Aleister Black was going to be put in the cruiserweight division when he was called up to the main roster.  Was there any truth to this?

That was no truth to whatever rumor you heard at the time.

With Eli Drake's contract with Impact ending soon, has there been any interest from WWE in bringing him in? 

I haven't heard of any interest in him, but given that he was under a WWE developmental deal in the past, I am sure that if he does become free, WWE would at least take a look at him.

Hey guys! What's up with Mark Henry? I heard he was at the raw 25 taping and would have loved to see him used in some way. I assume he's on his way to retirement like Big Show but he deserves kudos for his long career.

Henry is still under contract to WWE, but is at the end of his run and isn't expected to return to the ring.  If he is asked to do so, he obviously will, but it doesn't appear he will be involved in any major storylines going forward.  There are plans to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame and he's been doing radio work for SiriusXM on their "Busted Open" wrestling show.


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