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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-15 10:00:00

Is there a reason why every WWE character now has some sort of additional description to their name? The monster among men, the lunatic fringe, the man that gravity forgot...a lot of these are not only unnecessary, but sound kind of dumb. Nearly every character has one of these additional monikers. It was less prominent around, say the late 90's/early 2000's, with ones like stone cold, or the crippler. At least these are kept short and not everyone had one.

It's just a way WWE markets and brands their performers.  The more monikers, the more merchandise they can attempt to monetize and the more descriptive they can be.  They aren't trying to create pro wrestlers, they are trying to create characters.    They may seem dumb to you, but their core audience are younger fans and to them, anything that is presented as larger than life usually is seen as such.

Question regarding the two top titles in WWE (the World and Univeral titles). I get that Raw is the top show, but when and why did the WWE title become secondary to a newly created universal title? The WWE title obviously has the history, lineage, and notoriety within the company, so why throw away it's legacy in favor if a new title? if anything, put the WWE ttle on Raw if that show is the priority. I know the original idea was to have the WWE title on Smackdown to give that show more credibility, but now that the rivalry is forgotten, they stayed the course with the titles.

It comes down to this - Raw is a more important show.  It brings the company more revenue than Smackdown.  It's tours draw more money than the Smackdown tours.  It's three hours vs. two hours.  It's been running longer.  Raw is and likely always will be THE franchise for the company.  If WWE flips the titles to the opposite show, suddenly the WWE championship would be treated with far more importance and prestige.

With all the Lashley to WWE speculation, wouldn’t his Bellator commitments keep him from WWE or is he out of contract with them as well?

Lashley's BELLATOR commitments don't prevent him from performing as a pro wrestler, plus WWE could incorporate his MMA-persona (including America Top Team) into his WWE persona if they wanted to.  I don't think Bellator would care if Lashley had WWE-level exposure.  While we know that Lashley had pushed for wanting to do a few more fights before concentrating on pro wrestling again after leaving Impact, it's always possible he could change his mind and go right into WWE or somewhere else full-time.

Is Prince Puma coming back to Lucha Underground?

Not unless they re-cast the role as Trevor "Ricochet" Mann is now signed to WWE.

I understand needing to refresh the 205 lUVE brand, but am I mistaken that the new people that are being brought up are Being pushed ahead of the originals? i.e. strong and Andrews winning, now buddy Murphy being added.  Nothing new, Neville/enzo pushed to the moon once switched over. Just sucks that the guys from the start aren't getting as much of a fair chance because of how hey were booked originally.

Any time there is going to be a change in leadership for a wrestling company (or in this case, a brand), there are going to be new talents brought in to freshen things up.  The talent was never the problem in my opinion, but the way they were featured was.  So, if you bring in new talents to put the focus on them while you "rehab" the talents who weren't exposed you give the audience a chance to take a breather from them while rebooting them.  Given how strong the wrestling on 205 Live has been the last three weeks, I don't think anyone is in a worse position vs. where they were a few weeks back.  I think everyone is in a much better position creatively, although whether that translates into getting more interest in the brand and getting it to the point they can tour with it (the real plan here) remains to be seen.  They have a lot of work to do.

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