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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-14 11:19:00

Announced for tomorrow's edition of Impact Wrestling is Sami Callihan vs. Bobby Lashley.   Lashley, who has departed the company, is now contractually free to appear anywhere he chooses.

There's been talk of late that former ECW live events booker Greg Bagarozy could be coming in to help book venues for Impact.  We are told that Impact Wrestling Director Michael Vedder has suggested Bagarozy for the role.   A lot of people have been praising Vedder's work since he came back in to the company.

We have gotten a few questions on how the NWA is able to use TNA/Impact footage on their videos.  There is some sort of working relationships between the two sides stemming out of Anthem's settlement with Billy Corgan last year.  The two sides have mad multiple meetings about how Anthem and the NWA can work together, but Corgan has had those discussions with lots of other companies as well.

The questions about Corgan sparked this, however.  It felll through the cracks at the time, but has confirmed that the lawsuit brought against Impact Wrestling last year by Fraley International, LLC ended in September 2017 with a ruling brought against Impact.  Fraley had sued TNA Entertainment, LLC so it does not appear that current owner Anthem Sports and Entertainment was on hook for the judgment.  Fraley International, which handles importation of merchandise from overseas, had sued over money owed from shipments of TNA merchandise being brought to the United States after they were produced in the Far East.  In Aprill 2017, attorneys representing Impact in the case withdrew as their representation and after receiving permission from the Chancery Court in Nashville to allow them to do so, citing lack of payment.  From that point on, Impact never responded or appeared in court during the proceedings, making the case pretty easy for Fraley to win.  There's no word what Fraley won or whether they ever actually collected the judgment.

Impact released the following video:


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