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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-13 07:42:00

Last night after Raw went off the air, WWE announced via their Facebook page that it had been ruled that both Seth Rollins and Finn Balor would move forward to the Men's Elimination Chamber match at the 2/25 PPV of the same name from Las Vegas.

That would mean that for the first time in WWE history, there would be seven competitors in an Elimination Chamber match.

So, the bout will feature WWE Intercontinental champion The Miz (who must enter first, by virtue of his loss to John Cena last night) vs. Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins vs. Elias vs. Braun Strowman.

Also announced for the PPV:

*Raw Women's champion Alexa Bliss defending against Bayley, Sasha Banks, Mickie James, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville in the first-ever Women's Elimination Chamber match.

*Asuka vs. Nia Jax: Should Jax defeat Asuka, she would be become the second challenger to the Raw Women's championship at Wrestlemania 34 on 4/8 in New Orleans.

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