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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-12 10:39:00

Yes, you read that one right.  The NWA released the following this morning:

The Aldis Crusade with Ten Pounds of Gold kicked off when James Ellsworth was chosen by Austin Idol to face Nick Aldis.  This unlikely challenger is best known for being the valet for Carmella, his matches against Braun Strowman and Becky Lynch, but it’s victories over AJ Styles that brought him to the Aldis Crusade.  The underdog competitor made his nwa debut yesterday at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood as he fit the criteria set forward by Nick Aldis and Austin Idol on who could be the first challenger for the Ten Pounds of Gold 

The Aldis Crusade will see the NWA Champion Nick Aldis (or whoever defeats Aldis) go forth to defend the Ten Pounds of Gold over twenty times over the next sixty days.  Reaction to James Ellsworth being chosen has brought a flood of response and opinions on his worth as challenger.  Austin Idol defended the choice stating that Ellsworth’s resume while eclectic does fit the criteria.  

The entire match will be available later this week on

The NWA sat down and interviewed James Ellsworth and you’ll hear that entire interview on the NWA Network Podcast available on.

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Also the story will be told via the critically acclaimed NWA Ten Pounds of Gold Series.

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