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By Marco Pivo on 2018-02-12 08:18:00

Sunday 11th February 2018, O2 ABC (Glasgow, Scotland)
ICW: The Seventh Annual Square Go!
Attendance: SOLD OUT! (over 1,000

Results of the matches
#1 Contender’s Falls Count Anywhere Match
James Storm defeats Jack Jester
***James Storm’s ICW debut
ICW Women’s Title match
Session Moth Martina defeats Kasey [c]
***new champion
ICW Tag Team Title match
Ashton Smith & Rampage Brown [c] defeat The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar) to retain
ICW Undisputed Title match
BT Gunn [c] defeats Bram to retain
30-man Over the Top Square Go! match
Stevie Boy wins eliminating last Mark Coffey
[more details in the notes]

Next show: ICW: The Biggest Fight Club Taping Ever at the O2 ABC in Glasgow, tonight Monday 12th
February 2018

“Cowboy” James Storm makes his ICW debut defeating Jack Jester in a hard-fought Falls Count
Anywhere match.  After the match, Storm congratulates Jester and shows his appreciation to the fans.
As he leaves, Jester bumps into his Kinky Party partner Sha Samuels, out to cheer him up after the
defeat. Sha seems incensed for this.

The new associate of Rudo Sports and Entertainment Brand, Session Moth Martina, is accompanied
by her new sports agent Red Lightning; she and her opponent, defending champion Kasey, are both
Irish and know each other perfectly well having crossed paths several times in the past. For this
reason, they both manage to read the opponent’s moves before they connect. When finally the

champion seems to have the upper hand and pins her opponent, Red Lightning drags referee Sean
McLaughlin out of the ring while Iestyn Rees runs out, hits Kasey with a Spear and thus allows
Martina to pin her and become the new champion.   After the match, Martina and Red Lightning beat Kasey up and celebrate the win.

The recently crowned tag team champions, Ashton Smith and Rampage Brown, are accompanied to
the ring by their trash-talking manager The Wee Man: they are the fourth team he manages to reach
championship gold. The two English powerhouses find a challenge in the capable team of The Purge,
the ICW Men of Mayhem, the Asylum Originals Stevie James and Krobar. The two bikers attack their
opponents from the beginning, trying to fight their superior physical power with aggression and
street smarts. In the long run, however, the champions take control and retain their title.

BT Gunn puts his Undisputed Title on the line against “The King of All Evil” Bram, also a member of
Rudo Sports and Entertainment (and accompanied by Red Lightning), who won the right to this title
match by winning a Ladder Match at Fear & Loathing, in November. It is an extremely violent match,
with Bram trying to impose his physical superiority and Gunn using his experience and guts,
including a dive from a structure well over 16 ft high on his opponent. When Gunn finally manages
to have Bram’s shoulders on the mat for the pin, Red Lightning drags referee Thomas Kearins out of
the ring to allow Iestyn Rees to hit Gunn with a Spear, exactly like it happened in the Women’s Title
match. But Gunn manages to kick out from Bram’s pin attempt, and the ICW Senior Referee Mr.
Kearins, supported by his colleague Mr. McLaughlin, bans Red Lightning from ringside. The match
continues, with the champion in serious trouble – so much that the referee seems to be pondering
the possibility to declare him unable to continue. But Gunn perseveres and, when Bram seems close
to putting him down for the count, the champion manages to roll up the challenger for the pin.

After the break, it is time for the seventh Squuare Go! match, the winner of which receives a
briefcase holding a contract that allows him (or her) to challenge for a title match at any moment
during an ICW show. There will be 30 entrants, 5 of which (chosen randomly) will carry a weapon to
use in the match. To be eliminated, one has to go over the top rope and touch the ground with both

Here is a list of the entrants:

1: Chris Renfrew
2: Mikey Whiplash with a kendo stick, accompanied by Aivil (formerly known as Jokey)
3: Lewis Girvan
4: Aspen Faith
5: Kay Lee Ray with two leather straps
6: Sha Samuels with a steel dildo
7: Kez Evans
8: Kid Fite accompanied by Krieger and Lou King Sharp of Fite Network
9: Kenny Williams

10: Wolfgang
11: Moose
12: Wild Boar
13: Jordan Devlin
14: Mike Bird
15: Iestyn Rees
16: Tor Atterhagen
17: The Sam Barbour Experience
18: Big Grizzly
19: Jackie Polo
20: Lionheart
21: Ravie Davie
22: Aaron Echo with a 12-pack of lager (which he drunk before joining the match)
23: Mark Coffey
24: Viper
25: Jody Fleisch
26: Joseph Conners with a steel chair
27: DCT
28: Leyton Buzzard
29: Stevie Boy
30: Joe Hendry accompanied by Leyton Buzzard (who had already been eliminated)

A few notes about the match:

Chris Renfrew and Mikey Whiplash brawled all over the arena before entering the ring.

Aivil went face to face with Kay Lee Ray in an attempt to assist Mikey Whiplash.

Kez Evans attempted to make friends with the four groups present on the ring at the moment of his
entrance (Aspen Faith’s, Lewis Girvan’s and Kay Lee Ray’s Filthy Generation, Mikey Whiplash’s
Legion, Sha Samuels’s Kinky Party and Chris Renfrew’s NAK), but was hit by all participants and
quickly eliminated; his was the first elimination.

Kid Fite was helped by The Fite Network until Wolfgang neutralised both Krieger and Lou King Sharp;
Wolfgang’s allies, The Purge, came out to drag the two members of Fite Network away from the

Iestyn Rees teased a rekindling of his old alliance with The Marauders (Mike Bird and Wild Boar), but
then eliminated both letting them know that he has chosen Rudo’s money over their old friendship.
After Sha Samuels was eliminated, his Kinky Party partner Jack Jester came out to console him but
Sha, after the misunderstanding that happened at the end of the first match of the evening, seemed
unwilling to patch up his relationship with Jester.

Wolfgang used his brass knucks to eliminate Tor Atterhagen; Atterhagen climbed back on the ring to
cause Wolfgang’s elimination, thus marking the first occasion in which Wolfgang has not reached the
last four in a Square Go match.

As soon as Ravie Davie joined the match, his former fiancée Session Moth Martina and her new
partner Bram came out on the ramp to tease him, distracting him and causing his elimination; Davie
made a beeline for Bram to attack him.

Aaron Echo’s weapons were eliminated.


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