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By Dave Scherer on 2018-02-13 10:00:00

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Do you have any information about WWE bringing back the pyro for the weekly shows and monthly PPVs or the pyro is gone for good?

It was taken away from the events as a cost cutting measure.  I haven’t heard if they plan to bring it back.  If it’s me making the call, I save it for big events and save the money as it’s not really needed and it’s fairly expensive.

Is there any reason that NJPW World is not on Roku or Apple TV? 

They haven’t come to a deal with them yet.

Why does the WWE have Rowan and Harper constantly fighting nobodies who obviously have no chance of mounting any kind of defense? I am not at all impressed with them, as what they are doing is beating folks that could not beat them in any way shape and form. So when do you think we will see them fight real wrestlers, people who can really give them a fight, and show what they can do?

You must be a newer fan.  What they are doing with them is what they used to do back in the old days, feed talents squash matches to build them up and make them stronger in the eyes of the fans.  It seems pretty clear that they will be taking on The Usos fairly soon, as they have had a couple of interactions with them already.

Shouldn't it be the inductee's decision on who can induct him/her into the WWE Hall of Fame? Seriously, the way this company micromanages everything is pathetic.

I think for a Hall of Fame where the person is voted in by a (mostly) impartial group of voters, yes they should be able to choose who inducts them.  But that isn’t what the WWE Hall is.  It’s a company event where they choose who gets inducted.  People have a voice in who want to induct them but the final decision rests on WWE.  I understand that too as this is their feel-good celebration event of the year and they want to have a degree of control over how it comes across on the Network.  Yes, they are very micromanaged, but they always have been.  

I know this might not be Q&A material but I'll ask this for Dave anyways. I'm not a football fan but as a graphic designer I cringed a little bit when I saw the WWE championship belt with the Eagles logo backwards on one of the plates. The left side plate to be exact. I get WWE wanted the Eagle facing inwards on each side (kinda like how tattoos are) but the Eagles logo is the only logo that faces to the left in the NHL because it forms the letter E. So it was a backwards E.  Was this something you noticed?

No sir, I did not notice that.  But to be honest, I had a whole lot of joy going on last week and I was more focused on just enjoying the Eagles’ first Super Bowl win.  I still am enjoying it if I am being honest.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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