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By Travis Wedel on 2018-02-11 09:58:00

I was at the ROH TV taping last night at Centre Stage. Building was packed, very few empty seats.

Dark match: Sal Rinaro and J. Rock vs. ???

Decent warm up match. Rinaro got the win with a downward spiral like move.

Bully Ray kicked off the tapings. Put over ROH as the best wrestling.

Battle Royal

Last two left in the ring face off in a singles match for #1 contendership to TV title later on tonight.  Flip Gordon and Shane Taylor win after Shane threw out Caprice Coleman after they were working together. They did a bit at the beginning when the Best Friends stopped everyone and hugged only to be thrown out by Taylor.

Kazarian and Scorpio Sky vs. Young Bucks

Tons of streamers and a big pop for Young Bucks.

Cody came out and had a quick stare down with the Bucks before joining commentary. Good back and forth match.  Bucks win with the Meltzer Driver. Daniels ran in and attack the Bucks after the match. Crowd chanted for Cody. He was slow to get up. Page made the save and Cody got in the ring after.

TV Main Event

Kenny King vs. Silas Young TV Title.

Silas came out with Beer City Bruiser and Brian Bologne. Beer city interfered early and they were both ejected by Bully Ray. A lot of heel heat for Silas Young. Excellent spot where Silas whipped King toward the stage and King hoped to the guard rail then the stage and hit a twisting somersault flip. He the pulled a Timberlake and ran in the crowd and took a selfie with a fan. Overall good back and forth match. Kenny King won the title after countering Silas and rolling him up.

Start of episode 2

Briscoes vs. Best Friends.

Briscoes jump them at the bell. Lots of brawling. Briscoes won after Mark hit a top rope elbow on Beretta. Motor City Machine guns attacked Briscoes after the match. Sabin hit Jay with his own Jay Driller move.

Chris Daniels vs. Adam Page.

Sky and Kazarian came out with Daniels. Bully Ray came out before the match. Bully thanked Bullet Club for not coming out with Page. He then threatened Sky and Kazarian to leave after 5 seconds or he would suspend Daniels for 30 days. They ran out. Lots of good exchanges. Nice mix of wrestling and brawling. Page won with a flip over the rope clothesline. Shane Taylor attacked Page after the match. Daniels hugged Taylor after and said that was the best money he spent. Bully Ray came out. Bully and Taylor had a face off. Bully came to the ring and raised Page’s hand after.

They announced Dalton Castle vs. Jay Lethal for the ROH title and Punishment Martinez vs. Marty Scrull for the PPV.

TV Main Event: Punishment Martinez and Marty Scurll vs. Jay Lethal and Dalton Castle

Huge pops for Scrull, Lethal and biggest so far of the night for Castle. Lots of dissension between Scrull and Martinez. Scrull went to throw powder at Lethal. Lethal duck and it hit Martinez. Castle took out Martinez and lethal hit the Lethal injection on Scrull for the win. Castle and Lethal faced off after the match.


Billed as an undercard match.  I believe a dark match - Josh Woods vs. ????. I didn't catch the other guy's name. Short match. Woods won.

Women of Honor Tournament match: Stacy Shadows vs. Tenille Dashwood.

HUGE pop for the former Emma. probably on par if not bigger than Dalton Castle’s. Good Babyface in peril match with Shadow using her size advantage. Tenille with the win after shadows shoulder blocked the corner and Tenille hit a running drop kick to the face with Shafows kneeled down.

Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas vs. ?

Brian ??? and Eli ????. Didn't catch the last names. Short squash match. Brusier hits the top rope splash for the win.

Bully Ray joins commentary.

I think they announced the next match as a TV Main event

Shane Taylor vs. Flip Gordon for a future TV title shot.

Flip tried to shake hands before the match but Taylor slapped his hand away. Taylor dominated the early part of the match. Real fun match over all with a good big man vs. little man story. Flip wins with the 450 splash. Scorpio Sky attacks Flip after the match. Young bucks make the save. Young Bucks offer to shake and Flip Gordon leaves the ring instead.

The Dawgs vs. Coast to Coast

Big heel heat for the Dawgs at the beginning after giving a Roll Tide. Dawgs double teamed LSG for a good bit of the match. Hot tag to Ali. Coast to Coast wins with the double underhook- top rope splash combo. Beer city Bruiser and Brian bolonge attack coast to coast after the match.

It's probably the same everywhere else, but Atlanta loves Todd Sinclair. He was getting all kinds of chants from "Toddberg" to "Todd Day Rocks"

TV main event 10 man tag: Chris Daniels, Kazarian and the Kingdom vs. Bullet Club (Young Bucks, Adam Page, Marty Scrull, Cody).

Cody came out to his own entrance. Brandi Rhodes came out with someone in a bear suit wearing a “Bullet Club is Fine” shirt. Cody gave the same shirts to all members. Huge brawl. Once it broke down to a tag match, Cody played Babyface in peril. Still some awkwardness between Cody and the Bucks. Lots of dives at one point including the bear suit guy to a huge pop. Scorpio ran in and got taken out by Cody. Cody hits the CrossRhodes on Vinny for the win. Kingdom and So Cal Uncensored argue and then brawl after the match out of the ring. Bullet Club comes back to ring. Cody put everyone over including “Barry the drug free bear” Cody led everyone to yell “Bullet Club is fine” Bucks take the mic and say the club is only fine with Kenny Omega. Young Bucks and Scrull throw down the “Bullet Club are fine shirts” and leave Cody and Page and the bear in the ring. I believe this is the end of the taping.

After the taping The Bucks and Scrull come back out to join Cody and Page. They do various funny bits from the Bucks show with the night ending with “Voice of an Angel” Marty Scrull singing Britney Spears “Baby one more time"

That is all from Atlanta. Thanks to all you do to make this site amazing and well worth it every year.

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