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By Dave Scherer on 2018-02-12 10:00:00

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So now they have a top 10 list. What's the point? What will they do with it? How will it have any effect on anything?

It appears to be that they will use it for angle purposes, like Randy Orton being mad at being so low or the Usos not liking being under The New Day.

Whatever became of I thought it was a good idea. What was your goal for the website? As always, keep up the great work on

Thanks!  When we started it, the idea was to have places for us to write non wrestling articles and aggregate feeds for news sites of various genres.  Then, Twitter took off and it kind of does the same thing.  We decided to just spend more time working on the mother ship!

We had a cool moment in the women's Royal Rumble match where Trish Stratus and Mickie James stood face to face in the ring.  While their history is well documented, the history between Trish and Lita is even more legendary.  With both Trish and Lita booked in the same match for the first time since Trish's retirement, do you think WWE should have given us that moment with the two of them standing face to face in the ring?  I get that they were trying to stagger the returning women's entrances in order to give each of them their time in the limelight, but they could have easily booked Lita at #25 or so in order to allow both her and Trish to be in the ring at the same time.

I didn’t need that to be honest.  We have seen Trish and Lita together since that match, so it wasn’t a big deal to me.  I liked that they staggered the surprises instead.

Maybe I missed it but when did Asuka choose to face the Raw women's champion at Wrestlemania?

When Kurt Angle announced it for her on the February 5 Raw!  It was lame that Asuka never really got to choose.

Kairi Sane's top rope elbow is a thing of beauty, but repeated use of it will eventually take a toll on her body since she doesn't use her lower body to brace herself upon landing like you would do for a typical elbow drop.  Same goes for Ember Moon's eclipse, which puts all the impact on the hips and lower back.  We've seen the toll repeated use of moves such as Hogan's legdrop and the Stone Cold Stunner take on one's body.  If you were one of those in power in WWE, would you suggest they develop alternate finishing moves, in the best interest of their long term health and prolonging their careers?

If it’s me, I am always monitoring moves that the talent uses and gauging whether they will cause long term damage.  It’s tough because the talent wants to stand out and look impressive, and when one is young they often don’t think about long term repercussions.  Plus, it’s a performance art business that presents fighting.  It’s tough to balance sometimes.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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