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By Dave Scherer on 2018-02-11 10:00:00

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Will WWE allow Ronda Rousey to come in with any outside sponsorships intact like they did with Brock Lesnar and his sponsors?

If she has a deal in place, I would think WWE would allow her to keep it.  I honestly don’t know if she does as I am not a big UFC person.  I would think WWE would like her to keep up as mainstream appeal as possible as it’s good for them too.

Great to see WWE shell out for the rights to Ronda Rousey's trademark theme music from her UFC days.  How does it work when WWE buys the rights to play theme music by other artists, such as in this case and with CM Punk?  Does the artist get paid for every event where their music is played, or do they receive a one-time lump sum?  How much does it end up costing WWE?

They pay for a licensing agreement so that it can be used when the talent enters to the crowd.  In the case of Punk, they agreed on a fee to use “Cult Of Personality” when he entered the ring.  The price for that is negotiated upon with the artist.

What are your thoughts regarding this year's Royal Rumble with Ronda Rousey making her WWE debut?

I know some people didn’t like that she came out at the end of the women’s match, before Asuka could make a choice as to who she would work with at WrestleMania, but I get why they did it and that is for publicity.  It worked, as they got a lot of mainstream coverage.  So, I see why they did it and it was a pretty fun moment.

Why is WWE reluctant to sign Rey Mysterio to a part-time contract?  They are well aware of his age and injury history.  Plus, they have freely given part-time contracts to other veterans in the past, so why not Rey, who more than deserves the same respect WWE has extended towards those other part-time veterans?

First, let me say that I have always loved Rey.  I interviewed him over 20 years ago when he was first getting started in the US and he was a really nice guy.  But, unlike the other part timers that you mention, he is also very short.  Even when he was in his prime, his height made it so he had to be booked in a specific way in order for his matches to work.  His speed and kicks were booked to be something that made up for his lack of size.  Now, he’s 43 years old and not as fast as he was so it’s harder to book him that way.  Plus, keep in mind that they had issues with him in the past over money, which is why he left.  That tells you that they don’t see him in the same manner that they see the people you mention.

What are your thoughts on the mixed match challenge? I had high hopes for it but I think they took the seriousness out of it. I was expecting serious competition but I think they've injected a bit too much comedy. Was that always the intention?

It seemed kind of like extra programming to me from the start.  It’s more tournament than anything else.  They were looking to create content and I get why they did it.  I just think that WWE produces so much content now that it didn’t stand out as being something that was must watch.

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