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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-09 22:30:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Ring of Honor's "Honor Reigns Supreme" from the Carrabus Arena in Concord, North Carolina!

You can watch tonight's show stream live at, ROH's Facebook page and The Fite App, (which you can download at this link for free) as part of a test for the infrastructure for the company's forthcoming Honorclub streaming service.  Here we go with coverage!

Honor Reigns Supreme opened up with Bully Ray, who is now the Authority figure for the promotion, coming to the ring.  The crowd chanted "Hall of Fame."  Ray said that he appreciated that but tonight is about ROH.  Ray said more people than ever before are going to watch ROH with all the platforms they are and he said that North Carolina isn't going to let them down.  He said that tonight, they were going to show why ROH is the best professional wrestling company on the planet.  He said that Honor will reign supreme tonight and led a ROH chant.

The announce team tonight is Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana, who recapped the announced matches.

Punishment Martinez vs. Flip Gordon.

They were wary locking up.  Martinez controlled Gordon's arm but he used the ropes to well, flip out of it, to escape.  They locked up again and Martinez backed Gordon into the corner, showing his power.   Gordon nailed a strike but Martinez just smiled at it.  Gordon nailed an enziguiri.  Martinez went to the floor and was hit with a diving kick through the ropes.  

Back in the ring, Gordon nailed a dropkick and used his agility to escape a kick.  Gordon tried to use the ropes for leverage into a kick but was caught and knocked off the apron into the barricade below.  That looked evil.   Martinez hiptossed Gordon into the barricade on the floor.  He sent Gordon into the corner again.  Martinez trapped him in the corner once they returned to the corner and drilled him with a big right.

Martinez went for a senton off the ropes but Gordon rolled out of the way.  Martinez still recovered first but was met with a forearm.  Gordon nailed a series of rights but was taken down with a big shot.  Gordon nailed a boot to the face as Martinez advanced in the corner.  Gordon used his unique athleticism to twist Martinez into the corner with a forward roll.   Gordon came off the ropes with a springboard into a Slingblade.

Gordon ascended to the top but Martinez avoided it dive.  Gordon still caught him with the Samoan Pop and a running shooting star press for a two count.  Gordon grabbed a front facelock but was overpowered into a tossed Falcon Arrow for a two count.    Martinez  locked him in a Torture Race but Gordon slipped out and nailed a superkick.

Gordon worked him over but was caught with a clothesline that sent him upside down.  Cabana quipped, "That's the wrong type of flip that he doesn't want to be doing."   No kidding.  Gordon went a springboard move but was caught for a chokeslam off the ropes.  He evaded it and hit a springboard into a rana off the top.

Gordon hit a top rope 450 splash for a close two count.  Martinez grabbed him by the throat and went for another chokeslam.  Gordon flipped out of it and drilled him with a kick and a knee strike.  He went for the star spangled stunner but Martinez caught him and slammed him down, then curb stomped him.  Martinez nailed his chokeslam and scored the three count.

Your winner, Punishment Martinez!

Good opener with a nice chemistry featuring the power of Martinez vs. the speed and agility of Gordon.

Caprice Coleman joined the announcers.

Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor.

They locked up and Taylor backed the former TV champion into the corner before breaking clean.   King started showboating to try and get inside Taylor's head.    Taylor didn't take kindly to that.  He took control and worked over King.  King went up and over with a sunset flip out of the corner.   Taylor went to the floor to clear his head.  King went for a twisting pescado but Taylor moved.  Amazingly, King landed on his feet.  Taylor met him with a punch but King nailed several strikes and stunned Taylor.  King returned to the ring and this time, hit a twisting senton to the floor, then posed for a selfie with a front row fan.  That was pretty funny.

Back in the ring, Kenny hit a big flying bodypress into the ring.   He tried to whip Taylor into the ropes but Taylor cut him off on the rebound and nailed a BIG chokeslam for a near fall.   Taylor rained down with big shots across the chest and face before using his boot to choke him against the buckles.   Taylor ruled the ring with hard chops across the chest.  King avoided a charge in the corner and leapt into a back elbow.  He was quickly stunned and nailed with a big splash for a two count.  Lots of back and forth action.  Solid stuff so far.

Taylor locked in a rear chinlock.  King fought his way out but was caught with a spinning heel kick for a one count.   They battled to the ring apron outside.  King used a cartwheel into a kick, sending Taylor to the floor.  King finally hit the spinning pescado to the floor, which the crowd loved the hell out of.   King nailed a springboard blockbuster for a two count.    King tried to muscle up Taylor on his shoulders but it was too much mass for him.  Taylor laid him out with a lariat for a two count.  They continued to battle until Taylor caught a two count with a sit-down powerbomb.

Taylor climbed the buckles for a splash off the ropes but King caught him with a big European uppercut in the corner.  King attempted a superplex off the top but was shoved off.  King landed on his feet and immediately rebounded with a kick to the head.  King pulled him off the ropes onto his shoulders and nailed the Royal Flush for the pin.

Your winner, Kenny King!

Good story told bell to bell here.

They showed each other respect and embraced after the match as Taylor recovered on the apron.

The announcers discussed the forthcoming Honorclub streaming service and they aired a commercial for the service.  Full details can be found at

Ian Riccaboni, on the entrance stage, announced that the 16th competitor for the Women of Honor championship tournament was Tenille Dashwood, the former WWE star known as Emma.  Dashwood came out and got a massive response.  She said that response felt good.  She said she was here at ROH to enter the tournament and become the first-ever Women of Honor champion.

Ian Riccaboni bought up the international talents involved in the tournament.  Out came Bully Ray who said that all those names are great and the tournament is going to be great, but everyone wants to see her compete tonight.  He said that if you are going to make your mark in ROH, you won't have a better place to do it then doing it tonight.  Nice surprise to add to the show, especially being given away for free.  Good move by ROH.

ROH TV champion Silas Young vs. Josh Woods (non-title)

They announced Cheeseburger, who was supposed to compete here, is out with the flu.  I am sure that is legitimate and we wish him well.

Some really nice back and forth wrestling.  Woods used an amateur takedown and said he earned two points.  Silas popped him in the eyes with two fingers.  Roddy Piper would be proud.   Young worked him over for a long time.  Woods made a comeback but Beer City Bruiser cracked him with a beer bottle while he was against the ropes.  Silas had control but was caught in a heel hook submission.  Bruiser pulled Silas to the ropes, forcing a break because the referee magically missed it.

Woods caught Young with the Chaos Theory out of the corner and went for an armbar.  He transitioned back into an anklelock but Young used his body weight to score a two count.  Young kneed him and nailed Misery for a three count.

Your winner, Silas Young!

Really good, smooth wrestling here.  Woods really shined with the transitions and submissions.  Young continued his run of good performances as well.  Even as ROH TV champion, I think he's vastly underrated.

Kenny King came out applauding that Young won, reminding everyone he has a TV title rematch upcoming.

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