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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-08 18:23:00

World Wrestling Entertainment fans may soon be seeing the "Broken Universe" after all, has confirmed.

Several sources within Impact Wrestling today confirmed that the company has licensed content from Matt and Jeff Hardy's time with the company, specifically material surrounding the "Broken Universe," to World Wrestling Entertainment.

The purpose of WWE licensing the content (and how much content they are licensing) is not yet clear but WWE has been working on both a WWE 24 episode devoted to the Hardys for the WWE Network as well as a brand new Hardy Boyz-centric DVD release.

WWE licensing content from other companies is not unheard of.  They have licensed content on several occasions from Ring of Honor for material related to CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, among others.

As well documented on, Impact's Ed Nordholm signed over the rights to all the "Broken Universe" trademarks to Matt Hardy last month, giving him completely ownership and control over their usage going forward.  The one thing that Impact does indeed own still is the rights to the footage - but WWE will be able to utilize some of that content down the line as well.

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