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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-08 11:20:00

The NWA issued the following:


Lightning One is proud to launch the NWA Network to this historic brands ever growing media offerings.  The NWA Network intends to bring unique content to the voice space as the journey into the 70th year of National Wresting Alliance is just beginning.  This channel will feature original series like the inaugural Aldis Address, exclusive full interviews done for the Ten Pounds of Gold Series, archived media interview with NWA executives and staff, and so much more.


The NWA Network is on iTunes, Podbean and Soundcloud. And coming coming soon to Stitcher and other platforms.


Episode One “Fortune Favors The Brave” focuses on the famous Ten Pounds of Gold and the man who currently holds it… Nick Aldis 


On Feburary 11th from Champiosnhip Wrestling From Hollywood, the currrent reigning and defending NWA Worlds Heayvweight Champion Nick Aldis will embark on a journey.  Entitled The Aldis Crusade with Ten Pounds of Gold, the champion has declared he will face over twenty opponents in sixty days with the NWA Worlds Championship on the line each day.  In this very special address, Mr. Aldis take time to let the audience into his mindset, drive and reason behind making such a bold move as the Worlds Heavyweight Champion.  

This Aldis Crusade with Ten Pounds of Gold will be documented in the critically acclaimed Ten Pounds of Gold series on and here on the NWA network with longer cuts of interviews and moments not found anywhere else.  

See Nick Aldis declaration here - 


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