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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-08 10:39:00

The sixth season of Total Divas has been added to the WWE Network's VOD section. has a story on the Bludgeon Brothers calling out San Jose Sharks players Brent Burns and Joe Thorton.   Thanks to Paul Jordan.

Online now for Elite subscribers is a four part audio series breaking down the highlights and lowlights of the 38 Coliseum Home Videos added to the WWE Network this week.  To subscribe and listen, head to

DK Publishing issued the following:

WWE and DK Publishing Announce WWE Ultimate Superstar Guide, 2nd edition

Get to know all your favorite WWE Superstars from Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live,
and NXT in DK’s new edition of the WWE Ultimate Superstar Guide, the complete guide to
WWE’s biggest Superstars and Legends.   This hardcover book will release on March 6, 2018.

Page-by-page profiles of more than 200 WWE Superstars past and present packed with facts, trivia, and behind-the-scenes information.

Check out the latest on John Cena, Charlotte Flair, The Rock, André the Giant, Sasha Banks, and other favorite Superstars.

Learn about the vivid characteristics and accomplishments that have made each WWE
Superstar larger-than-life in their own unique way. "Super Stats" boxes detail
information on each Superstar, including career highlights. The brand-new guide
profiles popular competitors, from Hall of Famers to up-and-coming stars. Each entry
includes a stunning photograph and action scene

Whether you need to sharpen your WWE acumen or are looking for the perfect
companion to WWE Network, WWE Ultimate Superstar Guide, 2nd Edition has got you covered!

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