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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-08 10:00:00

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It's been about six months or so since the Mae Young Classic.  I was wondering if there was anyone you are surprised hasn't been signed by WWE at this point?

There are two actually, in no particular order.  One, Piper Niven aka Viper from Scotland, who is absolutely great as a personality and in the ring.  She would be an awesome foil to Nia Jax and while playing a badass beast in the ring, is absolutely gorgeous to boot, so I think WWE could get a lot of mileage out of her.  I am shocked she wasn't immediately signed.  The second I saw her work in ICW, I looked at her as someone that WWE should want on their roster.

The other is Mercedes Martinez, who is just so great in the ring and did a lot of help strengthen the style of wrestling that many female talents employ today while on the independent scene.  I know WWE has used her since, but to me, she should be in the mix somewhere because her work will help make everyone better.  How they haven't locked her up, whether it be for NXT or for the main roster, is beyond me.

Why is WWE already booking tension between Sami and KO? Since they have already presented this story just days after Royal Rumble, why not book the handicap match against Styles as whoever were to pin Styles became champion instead of the Co-Champion angle they were pursuing? That way they could have started the tension by KO and Sami arguing over who was going to get the pin on the downed Styles, a shoving match ensues that ends in one getting bumped into the other and then getting rolled up for the pin. It's known that the booking is beyond terrible in the WWE and it makes it worse whenever they miss these opportunities.

WWE booked it that way because Vince McMahon decreed that's the way he wanted it to go.  I would agree there were other ways they could have gotten to the same place as I feel the current storyline just isn't clicking the way it should.  The silver lining is that the actual work inside the ring at the Fast Lane PPV should be awesome, which doesn't forgive everything, but makes it a little easier to sit through.

I'm catching up on ECW on the WWE network and am confused by something. On Hardcore TV Episode 24 it's mentioned ECW is now affiliated with the NWA and Bloodfeast 1993 is promoted as an NWA show.   However according to online sources ECW was already an NWA territory or already affiliated with them upon launching in 1992?  Which one is it?

ECW was not affiliated with the NWA upon launch.   Tod Gordon decided to become a NWA member to lend credibility to the Philadelphia promotion towards the end of 1993.   That led to Eddie Gilbert quitting and Paul Heyman eventually being installed as booker.  ECW maintained that relationhip until August 1994 when they double-crossed the NWA and Shane Douglas tossed down the NWA title, declaring the ECW belt a World championship.

Last night I watched the very first Royal Rumble on the WWE Network which featured Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeating 20 other men in the main event. In the match there didn't seem to be any surprise entrants. Who do you recall was the very first surprise entrant to enter the Royal Rumble that left fans saying "OMG, Anything can happen in the WWE!" 

The first time I can recall WWE putting a focus on surprise entrants was the year they brought Kevin Nash and Booker T back as surprises in 2011.  Before that, it was mostly commonplace to announce most, if not all of the entrants in the Rumble mactuaatch.

What do you think was the best Triple H match ever?

I always lean towards his Royal Rumble bout with Mick Foley in 2000.  To me, that was when Triple H legitimately crossed over from someone who was heavily pushed by the company into an actual money-drawing star who was made for life.

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