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By Paul Jordan on 2018-02-07 15:36:00

CNN Money has a piece on WWE position as a media juggernaut. They discuss how the market reacted to their last TV negotiation with NBC Universal, how the introduction of the WWE Network has not cannibalized their viability as a rating-getter on television and protection of higher and higher profits thanks to their over-the-top option. has a story on John Cena's latest visit to " The Today Show" promoting his new movie "Blockers" noting that one viewer can have the former World Champion go to senior prom with them They also announced that John had officiated the wedding of a couple that was announced on his last appearance as cohost.  That will air Friday on "Today" in the 10 AM hour.

"American Ninja Warrior" Kacy Catanzaro comments on joining the WWE Performance Center:



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