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By Dave Scherer on 2018-02-07 10:00:00

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Dave answered a question earlier about the XFL stating how people come to the NFL for established names. I think a direct parallel to the wrestling business can be made. For example; when ECW folded and USA Network chose not to put them on their network because they weren't the number one company and TNA trying to take on WWE on Monday night. Do you think Vince McMahon will consider the irony of this situation? And if so, as competitive as Vince is, do you think this will help drive him to be the best? 

I can’t speak on the irony aspect since I don’t know him, but I would think it will become apparent to him, very quickly, that he is nowhere close to being the WWE of football.  He will have a niche product at best, like the Arena League, to sell to networks.  It’s always possible someone will give him a great deal and if that happens the XFL will have a chance.  But they will need substantial revenue coming in if they want to succeed where the first incarnation failed.  I just don’t see it happening.  I hope for Vince’s sake I am wrong.

I loved the Women's Rumble. One thing troubled me at times, however, and that was the crowd. Chants of Rusev Day, Eddie, Undertaker when those wrestlers' spouses were in the ring. The first ever Women's Rumble, and the crowd chants for men. Am I alone thinking this was extremely disrespectful?

There were definitely some disrespectful chants (you didn’t even mention what they chanted at Nikki Bella, which was really vile), no doubt about it.  But, as we often see with fans at the shows, they are there for their own enjoyment and that was on full display at the Rumble.  And it’s not just wrestling where this happens.  My Philadelphia Eagles just won their first Super Bowl.  99.9% of the fans were great.  A small number were idiots.  It’s just the way it is in our society.  Sadly, idiots are usually the ones that are the loudest and thus heard.

First, I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Thank you to all of you at PWI for the work you guys do!  Second, my question revolves around the status of the Undertaker.  With there being no statement of retirement, there is speculation about his involvement in WM 34.  I watched the WWE 24 about WM 33 last night, and there was a great deal of "behind the scenes" stuff with Taker out of character.  He has always been so protective of his character, could this be an indicator that he is actually retired?  Your thoughts?

We still don’t know if he will work at Mania or not. It would seem that WWE would have started that road at or after The Rumble, but they didn’t.  I too have noticed the more out of character stuff airing lately as well. I think the only match that makes sense for him now is against John Cena so if Taker is working, I think we will know after Cena gets past the Elimination Chamber match.  

I would love to get your thoughts on this aspect of the Women's Royal Rumble.  I felt like after watching Raw 25 and seeing all of the women from the past there, such as Tori Willson, Kelly Kelly etc, that their entering the women's Royal Rumble was kind of predictable and in turn fell flat. The only women who were truly a surprise were Molly Holly, Lita (because she wasn't at Raw) and Vicki Guerrero.  Trish Stratus got a nice pop because she is Trish Stratus, but overall I felt like it was flat because of most of them appearing on Raw 25.  

I saw it the exact opposite.  The fact is the 25th anniversary show came before the Rumble.  Those women deserved to be honored on Monday and I am glad that they were.  I didn’t need them to be surprises on Sunday.  I like that they got honored twice.

I loved Askua winning, who do you think she would have the better match with?  

She can have an amazing match with probably any woman on the roster.  For Mania, I think it makes sense for her to work with Alexa Bliss.  She has already beaten her once and she is undefeated on her show, Row.  It wouldn’t make sense for her to not want to ascend to the top of her brand to me.

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