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By Sideshow Shan on 2018-02-07 08:15:00

The first episode was going to start with the tag title match, but during the Undisputed Era's intro, Sanity came through the crowd and attacked. It turned into a huge brawl. Security broke it up. The crowd was chanting, "We need Regal."   He came out and said enough was enough and it needed to end tonight. He made the main event 3 on 3 Tornado tag team match.

Heavy Machinery vs. Tino Sabbotelli and Riddick Moss.   They started a little dissension between Sabby and Moss. HM won with their double piggy back world’s strongest slam thing. Moss left Sabby at the end. The crowd loves that and chanted, "You deserved it."

Johnny Gargano came out to a huge reaction. He started to challenge Ciampa and WWE NXT champion Andrade Almas interrupted him. Zelina Vega started talking down to him. The crowd started chanting, "We want Candice."  LeRae came out and pushed Vega down. They set up a rematch for the title, but if Johnny loses he must leave NXT.

An unknown woman came out and quickly lost to Bianca Belair.

The 6-man Tornado match finished off the first night and was a fun brawl all over the area. They used tables and chairs. They brawled out if the ringside area and into the backstage. They showed some on the screen. Dain threw Fish off the stage onto the other 4. Lots of near falls and lots of stuff shots and big moves. Dain tried to cannonball Cole through the table, but Cole moved.   Sanity won when Dane pinned Fish.   Amazing, fun match. Sanity won when Dane pinned Fish. Amazing fun match.

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