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By Dave Scherer on 2018-02-06 10:00:00

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I gotta say, I was incredibly impressed with both Royal Rumble matches on Sunday. The PPV as a whole was really, really entertaining and well-booked. And holy hell, what a WM title match we have now with AJ and Shinsuke. Do you think there's any chance at all that Vince will be smart and put that match on last? I'd rather the fans go home happy rather than booing the hell out of Roman Reigns for the third year in a row to end the show.

A chance?  Maybe a small one.  Very small.  I think if we get Lesnar vs. Reigns, it goes on last, especially if the Title is changing hands.

And now since Ronda Rousey is being reported as having signed a full-time contract, does that mean she'll be wrestling TV and house shows? She won't be a PPV-only performer like Brock? Considering how famous she is, I'll bet having Ronda work full-time won't be cheap for WWE.

Still to be determined.  With that said, I don’t know that she will be ridiculously expensive.  Her last two fights in UFC were bad, she got exposed and lost convincingly.  Had they signed her a few years ago, oh yeah she would have commanded top dollar.  Now?  I think they got her at a much better price.

Is it me, or did John Cena act rather heelish in the Rumble match? The way he presented himself in the ring just kind of came off as antagonistic and even arrogant at times.

Cena often does that kind of presentation.   It wasn’t out of the ordinary to me.

Why have several prominent wrestling podcasts such as Jim Ross and Chris Jericho stopped utilizing the services of Podcast One?  

The reason is the most obvious of all, money.  When one side doesn’t like what is being offered, they stop doing business.

Just recently watched Starrcade 1987 on the Network and this was during the time when Crockett Promotions purchased the UWF? And my goodness, the UWF guys were so buried so badly in this PPV, I was so baffled. Why was this the case? Was it a missed opportunity for not booking something long term like at least a UWF vs NWA storyline?

It was the same exact thing that WWE did when they bought WCW.  In both cases, rather than treat the company they they won the war with and ended up buying as an asset, they instead booked the losing company as being inferior.  In both cases, I feel it was very shortsighted as what could have been moneymaking assets quickly became worthless.

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