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By Dave Scherer on 2018-02-04 10:00:00

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I follow both Mike Johnson and Dave Meltzer on Twitter, and both of you like to engage the haters of your work and opinions on Twitter.  Dave frequently gets criticized for his alleged favouritism of Japanese over American/WWE wrestling, and yourself for your recent column regarding the new Impact.   Don't you think you and Dave are enabling these haters by responding to a lot of their ridiculous and uninformed comments?  Why do you even pay them any mind?  Why don't you just block or ignore these people?

Well, you sent this to me, not Mike, but I will gladly answer this because it’s a topic I just talked about on yesterday’s show with Mike Epsenhart.  I couldn’t agree with you more.  I have heard about Dave engaging on Twitter from a number of readers so I went and checked it out.  I can’t believe some of the exchanges he takes part in with people.  I feel the same way about Mike and the Impact stuff.  To me, they are both reporters who also have their opinions on things.  Neither of them need to justify anything to people that act like trolls on Twitter.  In fact, responding to trolls gives the losers exactly what they want.  Now to be clear, I largely don’t care what anyone says about me.  I have been getting ripped by people for decades now.  I have always ignored them.  I feel that when I engage with a loser, I validate what that loser is saying.  I have no desire to do that.  I feel smart people will realize that said loser is a loser.  I live by the old adage that when one argues with a fool, people will see two fools in an argument.

We keep hearing that The Rock is a ‘busy man’ when it comes to appearing at WWE events, despite between 2011-2016 appearing at a few a year with the same schedule. RAW25 comes and goes and we don’t even get a taped message from him despite his social media proving he isn’t too busy to record them. What gives? Why is there such distance between Rock and WWE the past year or so? I know in previous Q&A you have denied it was due to him calling CM Punk in front of a WWE crowd, but surely it’s too much of a coincidence now?

Rock is one of, if not, the busiest people in Hollywood.  Unlike say Steve Austin, Rock has gone on to mega stardom.  He has become far bigger than he ever was in WWE after leaving it.  He isn’t an ex or retired wrestler.  He’s a mega movie star who makes top dollar.  He isn’t like almost everyone else that came up through WWE and got what the company wanted him to have.  He is able to do and say what he wants.  He has gotten bigger than wrestling so he gets to decide what he wants to do.  Some fans see it like he owes them.  I am not one of those people.  I am happy he shared his immense talents with me as a fan.

Dolph Ziggler’s current storyline. Can you please explain it to me as I am lost. He walks out as fans don’t appreciate him and leaves a title in the ring, returns at the rumble as the big 30th surprise despite the former he lasts a minute or so and is now off TV again. Is Vince McMahon expecting me to forget something here and pass grace on why this makes NO sense?

I can not, no.  It makes no sense at all to me either.  And, he returned and they still didn’t explain it so nope, I got nothing.

It‘s a shame that WWE don‘t see what they have in Finn Balor. Now Cena pinned him clean to advance to the Chamber. Cena, a guy who doesn‘t even need a real story to be an attraction at Wrestlemania. I don‘t get it tbh. Do you think they have a plan for him or will he keep going nowhere?

Well, they did have a plan when they made him the first Universal Champion but then he got hurt.  It sure seems like the trust level from the boss is not where it was, and that happens.  Vince McMahon needs to know that talents are durable when they get a big push.  I think Balor’s injuries have been held against him.  I don’t have a problem with Cena in the Chamber.  It gives it star power.  It’s just a shame it came at Balor’s expense.

With the MAJOR announcement of Jeremy Borash being signed by WWE.  What do you foresee his duties to be?  On-air personality?  Creative team member?  Producer?  Or a bit of all three?

I think WWE will make great use of his many talents.  Borash is extremely versatile and the company will make use of that.  My hunch is that his job will evolve the more time he spends in Florida.  Him leaving really put the exclamation point about how things are right now in Impact Wrestling.  Letting him leave?  I think that says a lot.

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