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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-03 10:00:00

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Is it me or is Charly Caruso completely underutilized?  She was awesome on the NXT Kickoff show and was as good in the role as Renee Young, who is usually great at being the nucleus of the Kickoff style broadcasts.  Will WWE do more with Caruso?

I would completely agree with WWE underutilizing her right now.  She has a good way of carrying herself and is obviously knowledgeable about the product and talks about it in a way that the audience can understand.  I hope they do more with her as she's been a great asset since day one.

Why wasn't Renee Young tapped to do commentary at the Royal Rumble?

She was hosting the Kickoff show.  Young has downplayed the idea that she should be doing commentary, saying she wasn't very good at it.  It's odd as I seem to recall really thinking she was very good when I heard her doing it on NXT TV years ago, specifically her chemistry with William Regal.  I don't think Young not doing commentary is any sort of indictment on her. Since coming to the company, she's become a hell of a personality and really, it's her job to lose for as long as she's there - she's a big part of the company DNA now.

Do you think WWE are missing a trick with Braun Strowman? I think they should strike while the iron is hot. I can’t see him winning at Elimination Chamber and feel like if he keeps coming up short in big matches the spark may go as there are only so many things he can flip over before it comes dull. I think it might be a similar situation to Ryback years ago where he got over but came up short in big matches and the flare he had diminished.

I feel like right now, Braun is the guy.  He has this great over the top personality and unique presentation that the audience has really taken to and sometimes, when lightning is in a bottle, you don't want to let it escape.  In my mind, Strowman is everything looks for in their larger than life superheroes and I am shocked he's not being primed for the Wrestlemania main event this year, but plans often change, so we'll see.

Any chance of Kevin Kelly replacing Jeremy Borash in Impact?

It's possible, as long as Impact has the ability to pay Kelly.  Impact is in severe cost-cutting mode and Kelly's not going to come in for a hot dog and a free ride to the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios!

Doesn't Brock Lesnar's deal expire soon?

Based on when he announced his last deal, the week of Wrestlemania in San Jose, it should be coming up this Spring - if they haven't quietly already agreed to new terms.

Any chance of more Molly Holly?

Sure, but not in WWE thus far.  There's been no indication that she'll be returning as a regular on WWE TV, which given she was the one to make the choice to leave years ago, isn't a big shock.

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