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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-02-02 23:41:00

Welcome to's coverage of Full Impact Pro's 2018 debut with Everything Burns at the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida.

Match Number One:  Welcome to the Neighborhood Match:  Saieve Al Sabah versus Darius Lockhart versus Blanco Loco versus Snoop Strikes

They pair off with Lockhart and Loco going to the floor.  Strikes with a sunset flip for a near fall and he follows with a head scissors and monkey flip.  Strikes with a clothesline into the corner but Saieve kicks Strikes.  Lockhart with an elbow to Strikes.  Lockhart chops Strikes and then Lockhart with a springboard back elbow from the corner.  Loco goes to the apron and he hits an enzuigiri on Lockhart and hits a cross body.  Loco with a forearm and he hits a springboard arm drag.  Saieve with a suplex to Loco and he follows with a shooting star press but Loco rolls to the floor.  Strikes with a forearm to Saieve on the apron followed by a slingshot DDT.

Lockhart stops Snoop on a dive attempt and connects with a knee.  Lockhart with a suicide dive onto Loco.  Strikes with a plancha onto Snoop. Saieve with a corkscrew plancha onto everyone.  

Snoop sends Saieve into the bar and then he does the same to Lockhart.  Strikes chops Lockhart and then he sends Saieve into the stage.  Snoop chops Lokchart and then he connects with a forearm to Saieve.  Lockhart chops Snoop and punches him.  Loco shows up on the stage and he sees the other three fighting on the floor and hits a senton onto everyone and gets a series of near falls on the floor in this falls count anywhere match.

Loco with a chop to Snoop and he hits a back drop driver onto the bar.  Lockhart with a forearm to Loco and then Saieve hits a forearm on Snoop.  Loco pulls Saieve into Lockhart and then he sends Lockhart under a side bar and Loco leaps over.  Loco uses the post to kick Lockhart.  Loco misses a boot and Lockhart sends Loco crotch first into the post.  Saieve hits Loco with a chair.  

Lockhart and Snoop return to the ring along with Saieve and Darius gets a near fall.  Saieve chokes Snoop and hits a twisting elbow drop.  Lokchart kicks Snoop.  Snoop punches Lockhart and Saieve.  Snoop with a chop to Lockhart and Saieve with a belly-to-back suplex to Snoop.  Snoop with punches and elbows to Lockhart and Saieve. Lockhart misses Snoop and punches Saieve.  Snoop with a clothesline to Saieve followed by a kick to Loco.  Snoop with a jaw breaker to Saieve.  Lockhart with a jumping knee to Snoop

Loco with a round kick to Lockhart and everyone is down.  Lockhart and Snoop exchange slaps and forearms in the cneter of the ring.  Snoop with a super kick.  Saieve with a neck breaker to Snopo.  Lockhart with a package suplex to Loco.  Lockhart goes for a belly-to-back suplex on Snoop but Snoop lands on his feet and hits a lungblower.  Lockhart with a belly-to-back gourdbuster for the three count.

Winner:  Darius Lockhart

After the match, Darius and Saieve are asked if they planned on working together. 

Saieve says those who know him refer to him as Saieve Al Sabah.  He says he will educate the self absorbed sheep.  What you see here is a brotherhood.  Saieve says that WWN is the architect of their demise because it isn't Welcome to the Neighborhood, it is There Goes the Neighborhood.  They will continue to be inspired and they will continue to be revolutionaries.

Alex Rudolph takes the mic and he says that he is now Alex Herzog.  

Match Number Two:  Battle of the Bulls:  Alex Herzog versus Rhett Giddens

The referee has to hold Herzog back as Giddens enters the ring.

Herzog with a kick and forearms.  Herzog rakes the chest and chokes Giddens in the corner.  Herzog with a head butt to the chest and then he misses a running hip into the corner.  Giddens with a forearm and chop in the corner.  Giddens with an Irish whip and running chop into the corner.  Herzog runs into a boot and Giddens with a drop kick.  Herzo drops down and Giddens goes over the top rope to the floor.  Herzog with a suicide dive into the chairs.  Herzog hits Giddens with a chair and chokes him with one.  Giddens with a chop and forearm.

Herzog sends Giddens into the apron and Giddens takes someones drink and spits it in Herzog's face.  Herzog rakes the eyes and they return to the ring.  Herzog with a double chop to the back.  Herzog with more chops.  Herzog uses his own hair to choke Giddens.  Herzog with chops to the back followed by a head butt.  Giddens with forearms and Herzog with a forearm.  They go back and forth with Giddens connecting with a rolling forearm.  Giddens with more forearms and a flying kick to the head.  Giddens with a splash and Boss Man Slam for a near fall.

Giddens goes to the turnbuckles but Herzog with a head butt and Frankensteiner for a near fall.  Rudolph with a choke slam into a flatliner for a near fall.  Herzog argues with the referee and Giddens avoids a charge into the corner and Giddens with a clothesline for the three count.

Winner:  Rhett Giddens

After the match, Giddens is interviewed and he is asked about his return to FIP and what is next for him.  He says the Freak is back.  That means it is the end of a phony era and the beginning of the legit era of The Freak.

Match Number Three:  Shine NOVA Championship Match:  Priscilla Kelly versus Amanda Carolina Rodriguez

Amanda with a round kick before the bell rings and she gets a quick near fall.  Amanda with a suplex for a near fall.  Amanda goes for a double underhook but Kelly escapes and gets a near fall.  Kelly with a chop and snap mare followed by a running kick for a near fall.  Kelly with forearms but she avoids a round kick and then Amanda goes to the apron.  Kelly with a punch and Amanda goes to the floor.

Amanda with a forearm and then she sends Kelly to the floor and follows with a chop.  Amanda sends Kelly into the chairs.  Kelly with punches followed by a round kick.  Kelly with forearms to the back but Amanda with a punch and she sends Kelly into the apron.  Kelly with a forearm and then she puts Amanda in a chair and chops her.  Kelly goes to the apron and misses a knee off the apron and hits the chair.  Amanda sends Kelly back into the ring but Kelly rolls to the floor.

Kelly blocks a kick and sends Amanda face first onto the apron.  Kelly puts Amanda in a chair again and connects with forearms and hits a Thesz Press off the apron.  Amanda with a shoulder to Kelly and then she goes for a double underhook.  Kelly with a side Russian Leg Sweep and then she forces Amanda to tap out.

Winner:  Priscilla Kelly

After the match, Kelly is attacked from behind, but Priscilla fights back.  

Match Number Four:  FIP Florida Heritage Championship Match:  Jon Davis versus Darby Allin

They lock up and Davis spins Allin around and sends him to the floor.  Allin returns to the ring.  They lock up and Allin with a side head lock.  Allin is sent into the corner but he floats over and then hits a springboard back elbow.  Allin runs into a shoulder tackle from Davis.  Allin tries for a hip toss but Davis blocks it and he throws Allin to the floor.  Allin with a few strikes and goes for a springboard move but Davis catches him and goes for Three Seconds Around the World but Allin counters with a rana.

Allin with a crucifix for a near fall.  Davis with a belly-to-back suplex and Allin rolls into the corner.   Davis with a chop and then he goes to a different corner for another chop.  Davis with a third chop in a third corner that is louder than the first two.  Davis completes the circuit and Allin struggles to stay on his feet.   Davis with a hard Irish whip that almost wedges Allin between the top and middle turnbuckles.  Allin with forearms but Davis sends Allin into the corner and connects with punches and knees.  Allin is Irish whipped into the turnbuckles and almost flips in the corner.  Davis gets a near fall.

Davis with a forearm and then he puts Allin in the corner and connects with a forearm and chop.  Davis runs into an elbow and then Allin floats out of the corner and hits a series of hip strikes but the third one is blocked by Davis and sends Allin into the turnbuckles.   Davis with a backbreaker followed by a flatline for a near fall.   Allin with forearms and then he hits a DDT.  Davis rolls to the floor and Allin follows.  Allin with forearms to the back and then Davis tries to Irish whip Allin against the apron and Allin rolls into the ring.  Allin with a suicide dive but Davis catches him and hits a uranage on the apron.

Davis with kicks to the chest.  Davis sets for a running chop but Allin moves and Allin sends Davis into the post.  Allin charges at Davis and Davis back body drops Allin onto the stage.  Davis picks up Allin and drops him to the stage.  Davis picks him up again and drops him on the stage again.  Davis looks at the gap between the stage and ring and he has an idea.  Davis sets for a power bomb and he tries for Splash Mountain but Allin lands on his feet and he clips Davis and sends Davis' arm into the side of the stage.  Allin climbs the post on the bar and he hits a coffin drop on Davis.

They return to the ring and Allin with a coffin drop off the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Allin with a guillotine in the ropes and then he goes back into the ring and hits Code Red for a near fall.  Davis with Three Seconds Around the World for a near fall.  Davis with a lariat and God's Last Gift for the three count.

Winner:  Jon Davis

After the match, Davis is interviewed and he is asked about Darby Allin and how he compares to his other opponents.  Jon says Darby Allin is one of the toughest sons of bitches to walk through the ropes.  WWN has been around for a long time.  Jon reminds us he has been in WWN for 11 years.  He has wrestled in FIP, DGUSA, and Evolve.  He has wrestled the best and he defeated the best.  Tonight is no different.  Jon says this is the Florida Heritage Championship and when you talk about Florida Heritage, there are only two words to describe it . . .Jon Davis.  He tells Darby to tell his friends up north in Evolve if they want to come down here he will face them.

It is time for an intermission.

During intermission, Teddy Stigma arrived at the bar and had a few drinks.

Match Number Five:  WWN Under the Radar Match: Effy versus Graham Bell

Effy forgets that there are no rules in FIP because he was waiting for the referee to check the wrestlers.  Effy with a forearm and punches in the corner.  Effy with an Irish whip and running hip into the corner.  Effy with a Yakuza Kick and then he chokes Bell in the ropes and the referee tries to get Bell free.  Bell with a back elbow followed by a series of elbow drops.  Bell removes the elbow pad and continues with the attack.  Effy bites Bell's nipple and Bell likes it.  Effy with a slap and then Bell goes for a crossface chicken wing but he cannot lock it in.  Effy rolls through the ropes to the floor to try to get out of the hold.  Bell holds on but Effy backs him into the ring post to get out of the hold.

Effy rehydrates and then he has Bell in the ropes and he gives him something to drink.  Bell with a forearm and Effy goes to the floor.  Bell teases a dive and then he goes carefully to the floor and he sends Effy into the stage.  Bell sends Effy back into the ring and Effy with chops.  Effy has a back heel kick blocked and Bell with kicks to Effy.  Bell thinks about using his bazooka but it doesn't work.  Effy with punches followed by a clothesline.  

Effy grabs the bazooka and he slides it under Bell.  Effy with a step up back senton.  Effy with Cattle Mutilation and Francisco CIatso attacks both men.  

No Contest

Ciatso with a fallaway slam to Effy.  Ciatso with a pile driver to Bell.

Ciatso says there is a reason why he runs the training center and he wants respect.  He tells the kickpad wearing twinks to pay attention.  He says that this is his time.

Joey Osbourne comes to the ring.  Frankie asks him if he wants to step in the ring.  He wants to see if he has it.  Ciatso slaps Osbourne but Osbourne with a double leg take down and the referee starts the match.

Match Number Six:  Francisco Ciatso versus Joey Osbourne

Osbourne with punches and then he goes after Ciatso on the floor.  Ciatso sends Osbourne into the bar and misses with a chair.  Ciatso is sent into the stage.  Osbourne sends Ciatso into the apron.  Ciatso with a knee and suplex on the floor.  Ciatso with forearms and he sends Osbourne into the stage.  Ciatso with a shoulder in the corner.  Osbourne with a series of clotheslines in the corner but he runs into an elbow.  Ciatso with a flatline for the three count.

Winner:  Francisco Ciatso

After the match, Ciatso grabs Osbourne's hand and shakes it before leaving the ring.

Match Number Seven:  FIP World Championship Match:  Austin Theory (with Priscilla Kelly) versus Martin Stone

The referee tries to get Priscilla to leave the ring but she walks towards Stone but he avoids her  She says something to Austin before leaving the ring.

They lock up and Stone backs Austin into the ropes.  They lock up and Stone with a waist lock and snap mare.  Theory with a wrist lock.  Stone with a reversal but Austin with a reversal of his own.  Stone with a waist lock and snap mare followed by a crucifix for a near fall.  They lock up and Stone with a side head lock and take down.  Austin with a head scissors and Stone escapes and relaxes on the top rope.  They lock up and Stone with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Austin goes for a leap frog but Stone grabs the leg and takes Austin to the mat.  Austin goes to the floor and Priscilla has some words of encouragement for him.

Austin returns to the ring.  Austin wants a test of strength and Stone obliges.  Austin takes Stone to the mat and Stone with a bridge.  Stone gets back to his feet and he takes Austin down with a leg sweep and gets a near fall.  Stone with another take down and then he kicks Austin in the back of the leg.  They go to the floor and Stone with a European uppercut.  They fight to the far side of the bar and Stone sends Austin into the bar.  Martin with another European uppercut and then he tries to remove Austin's fingers from his hand.  Stone does it again.

Stone does it a third time.  Stone tries to chop Austin but Austin moves and Stone chops the ring post.  Austin sends Stone back into the ring and he kicks Martin.  Austin with a suplex for a near fall.  Austin kicks Stone in the corner.  Austin taunts Stone and continues to kick him.  Austin manipulates the hand and slams it to the mat.  Austin with a forearm to the back of the head followed by a forearm and back breaker for a near fall.  

Austin with a forearm and a reverse chin lock.  Stone with a jawbreaker and forearms followed by a European uppercut and a running European uppercut and clothesline for a near fall.  Austin blocks a German suplex and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Stone with an enzuigiri and a missile drop kick.   Theory sends Stone into the turnbuckles and hits a rolling drop kick for a near fall.  Austin with a forearm and Stone fires back.  They go back and forth and Stone with a European uppercut to counter the forearms.  Stone blocks a boot and Austin with a forearm and rolling blockbuster for a near fall.  

Austin with a forearm but stone with a forearm.  Austin with an STO but he misses a moonsault.  Stone with a crossface but Austin with a rollup.  Stone with a suplex for a near fall.  Austin with a neck breaker out of a cradle shock for a near fall.  Austin with punches to Stone.  Stone with a head butt and clothesline.  Stone with Chaos Theory and a clothesline for a near fall.  Kelly gets on the apron and the referee tells her to get down.  Kelly goes to the floor when Stone goes near her.  Austin with a forearm and TKO for the three count.

Winner:  Austin Theory

Match Number Eight:  FIP World Tag Team Championship Match:  The Hooligans (Mason and Devin Cutter) versus The End (Parrow and Odinson [with Drennan])

Parrow and Odinson wait for the Hooligans to come through the curtain and they attack Mason and Devin as they enter the ring.  Drennan joins in the attack and Teddy Stigma enter the ring and hits Drennan with the barbed wire back and then he hits Parrow and Odinson.  Teddy kicks Drennan and hits him in the back with a forearm.  Devin and Mason punch Dreenan and then they share a beer.  Teddy says he will take care of Drennan while they deal with Parrow and Odinson.  Mason hits Odinson with a chair and then goes after Parrow.  Devin hits Odinson with a chair.

Stigma hits Drennan in a sensitive area with the barbed wire.  

The four competitors fight outside into the street.

Stigma follows them outside and Drennan follows.

They return inside the Orpheum and Odinson has Mason on the bar.  Mason with head butts to knock Odinson off the bar.  Devin sends Drennan back into the ring and he has a chair.  Odinson chops Mason while Parrow battles with Stigma.  Drennan is left in the ring while everyone else fights in front of the merchandise area.  Mason and Parrow go to the stage while Odinson has Devin in a torture rack and sends him onto the stage.  Odinson and Parrow hit their version of Super Collider.  Parrow and Odinson jump from the stage to the ring.  A table is set up in the ring. 

Stigma and Drennan fight in the ring.  Parrow goes to the turnbuckles as Odinson gives him Stigma for a super power bomb into a forearm from Odinson.  Devin pulls Odinson to the floor and they send Odinson into the wall.  Devin and Mason go after Parrow and he hits a double choke slam.  Parrow sets up the table while Stigma and Drennan continue to battle on the floor.  Mason and Devin with a double power bomb through the table on Parrow and Odinson makes the save.

Mason and Devin with foerarms and chops in the corner.  Devin and Mason with splashes in the corner.  Drennan hit Devin and Mason with chairs.  Stgma hits Drennan in the head with a back and he drops caps onto the mat.  Stigma sets for a power bomb onto the caps but Odinson with a running European uppercut.  Mason and Devin with forearms to Odinson.  Stigma with a reverse exploder onto the caps for a near fall.

Mason is dropped on teh top rope and Parrow hits Devin with a chair.  Mason hits Parrow with a chair and then he puts it over Parrow's head and they hit the chair and then Devin with a chair to Parrow's head.  Drennan with low blows to Mason and Devin and then he goes for another and connects.  Stigma hits Drennan from behind.  Stigma with a power slam to Drennan.  Drennan begs for mercy in the ring while the other four look for more weapons.  Odinson with a forearm to Stigma followed by a chair to the lower back.  Drennan gets a club and hits Stigma with it.

Drennan tells Stigma he is done with him.  They pull off Stigma's knee pad and he is going to hit him in the knee with the club.  Drennan gets the barbed wire and a chair.  He puts the barbed wire on the knee and then he hits the knee with the chair.  Mason and Devin are on the floor and they have chairs.  Drennan gets some thumbtacks and pours them on the mat.  Devin and Mason return to the ring and they hit Odinson and Parrow with the chairs.  Devin and Mason with a double choke slam onto the thumbtacks.  Devin punches Odinson and Mason joins in.  Odinson with a buckle bomb of Mason onto Devin.  

Parrow sets up the table in the corner but then they set it up normally in the ring.  Devin is thrown to the floor.  Parrow power bombs Mason through the table for the three count.

Winners:  The End

After the match, Odinson brings Drennan back into the ring and he holds the tag title belts.   Odinson picks up the referee and hands him to Parrow, who power bombs him onto the thumbtacks.






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